The team of Grand on Sky: Backović said that the church is pushing him to be the mayor

Backović told Vojinović that he wanted to be promoted and suggested that he should push to get a position from where he would monitor the border with BiH. "They say that the church and Joanikije are pushing me to that place... Here, we'll see, if they offer, I can't refuse, that's the advice I was given," sends the suspect

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Backović after the hearing in the Special Police Department, Photo: Boris Pejović
Backović after the hearing in the Special Police Department, Photo: Boris Pejović
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The arrested commander of the Border Police, Dragan Backović, boasted at the end of 2020 that he would be able to advance in the service, apostrophizing that perhaps it would be best to take over the Regional Center (RC) West, so that "they would have control of the border from Herceg Novi to Pljevlja".

He is suspected of creating a criminal organization, cigarette smuggling, abuse of office and money laundering, and was arrested on January 19 on suspicion of being part of the so-called Grand Clan.

According to the claims of the special prosecutors, Backović is having that conversation with Golub Vojinović, who is also accused. He tells him that "there is a rumor" that he wants him as the chief who would coordinate the police in the central part of the country, but suggests that he should push for him to actually get another position, from where he would have control over the entire border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Someone spread the story about me as the head of the Center here, so there is not a day that goes by who does not congratulate me... Now the new one has announced some changes, it seems that I am the most serious candidate for the Center, they say that the church and Joanikije are pushing me to that position ... Here, we'll see, if I can't refuse the offers, that's the advice I was given," Backović sent via the encrypted Sky application on December 21, 2020.

8 people were arrested on February 19 and 20 on suspicion of being members of a criminal group that smuggled cigarettes internationally. Special prosecutors claim that the crime team was formed by Aleksandar Mijajlović from Podgorica and another, as yet unidentified person.

Four days before that - on December 17, following the request of the then Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazović, the long-time director of the Police Administration, Veselin Veljović, resigned.

On the same day, Vesko Damjanović was appointed acting chief of the Montenegrin police.

In the files of the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT), it is stated that Backović exchanged messages with the same interlocutor on February 28, 2021, "from which it can be seen and clearly concluded that they are discussing shifts in the Security Center."

"They're not going to put you in some position," Vojinović asks him, to which the suspect replies: "Here, we'll see, if there's anything new, I'll let you know."

Then he contacted him again on March 1, 2020, and informed him that "they removed these people from the Center": "Now I'm left alone," he states.

"It was for the center when it was supposed to be, but no one invited me, they said that a new systematization is underway, the new Regional Center West is opening for the border, it is for Nikšić and this part towards BiH, that would be the most ideal and it would be worth pushing a little. .. If there was a position for the head of that Regional Center, they would have control over the entire border with Bosnia and Herzegovina from Herceg Novi to Pljevlja", says Backović.

Vojinović replies that he will deal with it tomorrow.

"Tomorrow I will go out a bit to see, and I will write to ours to see if there is any reaction".

From the SDT, after the quoted conversations, they state that, when all the facts are brought into a logical connection, it can be clearly concluded that Backović, as a user of the SKY account, wrote under the code P3QPFQ.

Doubts of special prosecutors

Prosecutors suspect Backović of transmitting confidential information to the suspect Golub Vojinović via an encrypted application, that is, informing him of the actions taken by police officers:

"Allowing him to use the data and information obtained in this way to direct his actions and to hide the various kinds of non-customs cigarettes, which the suspect Golub Vojinović hid on a truck trailer, at an unspecified location on the territory of Podgorica," the files say.

According to the transcripts provided to the Montenegrin investigators by Europol, that police officer was in charge of ensuring the smooth passage of smuggled cigarettes, but also of transporting them across the state border, handing them over to other members of the clan and selling them...

During the months-long investigation, it was established that the official of the border police transported cigarettes to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he handed them over to other members of the crime team...

"From the content of the communications, it is clearly concluded that the marked users exchanged a large number of messages through the cryptocommunication platform SKY Ecc, from the content of which there is a well-founded suspicion that they were transporting cigarettes across the customs line, and that they were engaged in the sale, distribution and concealment of non-customs goods that are in concealed this purpose in Podgorica and Nikšić, in facilities at now unidentified, hidden locations... From these communications, it can be concluded that the suspect Dragan Backović, together with Golub Vojinović, transported cigarettes through the customs line and sold them to a now unidentified member of a criminal organization." , it says in court records.

At the head of that group, prosecutors claim, is Aleksandar Aco Mijajlović and another person whose identity investigators are trying to determine.

In addition to them, Backović and Vojinović, members of the criminal team, the SDT also identified the police officers Milenko Mića Rabrenović, Radoj Rabrenović and Mirko Mijušković, then Dejan Jokić, Zoran Žuto Đukanović and several unknown persons...

The members of that criminal team were arrested almost at the same time as the one that, according to the prosecutors, was formed by Nikšić's Milan Rogač.

The SDT designated his fellow citizens Milan Vukadinović and Mileta Simanić as members of that crime team. Allegedly, they did not cooperate with the team from the so-called Grand Clan in the illegal cigarette smuggling business.

"Vijesta" was told by the High Court that detention was ordered for all those arrested due to the existence of a well-founded suspicion that they had committed criminal acts, and as a basis, judge Suzana Mugoša accepted the risk of escape.

In the decision ordering everyone to be detained, she clarified that they are suspected of creating a criminal organization and the continued criminal offense of smuggling.

According to court documents, Backović is also charged with money laundering, abuse of official position in conjunction with the criminal offense of smuggling...

All those arrested denied committing the crimes charged by special prosecutors.

And money from smuggling was transferred across the border

The prosecution files state that there is reasonable suspicion that the suspects Backović and Vojinović committed the criminal offense of money laundering on February 12, 2020.

"And in the way that the suspect Golub Vojinović converted and transferred the money with the knowledge at the time of receipt that it was obtained through criminal activity, with the intention of concealing and falsely presenting the origin of the money."

It is added that Backović intentionally contributed significantly to the execution of the criminal act, by taking 86.300 euros at the request and for the account of Vojinović, in Trebinje, from an unknown person.

"Which originate from the criminal activity of the defendant Golub Vojinović, the distribution and illegal sale of cigarettes, which fact was also known to the defendant Dragan Backović, and he hid the money with him and transferred it across the state border on the same day, without reporting it to the competent state authorities." it is written among other things in the documents.

Do you need a pass?

"I was a bit shaken by your mobile phone on the way to Vraćenović," Vojinović writes to Backović.

Then he informs him, as stated in the files of the prosecution, that he is going to Ilina brdo.

"Do you need a pass to Bileća", Backović asks him on the encrypted Sky application.

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