Berane: A young man was beaten in the courtyard of the medical school, criminal charges against three teenagers

Teenagers, all born in 2006, attacked a young man a year older in the yard of the medical school Dr. Branko Zogović

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Three people from Beran will be held criminally responsible for inflicting serious physical injuries on an eighteen-year-old from that town and violent behavior towards him.

The police administration told "Vijesta" that teenagers, all born in 2006, attacked a young man a year older in the yard of the "Dr. Branko Zogović" medical school.

The Police Administration announced that the employees of the Berane Clinical Hospital Center informed that AR (18), a student of the "Dr. Branko Zogović" High School of Medicine in Berane, was brought to the institution for medical assistance.

"Police officers went to the scene and found AR with head injuries in the aforementioned institution, who they interviewed, and he was transported to the Clinical Center of Montenegro in Podgorica in order to monitor his condition and undergo further medical procedures. The police undertook activities from their jurisdiction in order to shed light on the event and found out that AR was physically attacked by three 17-year-old minors while he was in the parking lot in the basement of the above-mentioned school in Berane," the police announced.

Juveniles were identified and information for the record was collected from them. The police announced that the suspects tested positive for marijuana.

"The prosecutor in the Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Berane was informed of the incident, who qualified the criminal offense of violent behavior in connection with the criminal offense of grievous bodily harm," the police said in a statement.

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