And ten months is not enough for the prosecutor's decision

The Kotor Prosecutor's Office is still investigating the head of the Tivat Branch of the MUP for Administrative Affairs, Citizenship and Foreigners

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The prosecutor is still weighing, the MUP is silent (illustration), Photo: Shutterstock
The prosecutor is still weighing, the MUP is silent (illustration), Photo: Shutterstock
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The Basic State Prosecutor's Office (ODT) in Kotor is still conducting an investigation against the head of the Branch for Administrative Affairs, Citizenship and Foreigners of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro in Tivat. Karoline Vučinović (SDP), started in the summer of last year.

She is together with DK, an employee of the Tivat Branch, as well as an inspector in the Tivat Security Department at the time DO, arrested on July 21 last year and brought to the prosecutor for questioning.

Three officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Police Administration are suspected of having facilitated the issuance of a permit to keep and carry weapons to a person of security interest who, due to his misdemeanor record, had no legal right to obtain such permits.

The three of them, of whom Vučinović is in the highest hierarchical position within the security system, have been under investigation for more than ten months due to the suspicion that they have committed criminal acts of abuse of official position and falsification of official documents.

After two days spent behind bars in July last year, Vučinović was released and immediately returned to her workplace in the Tivat branch, where she is still the manager.

"Before this prosecutor's office, a case was filed against DK for the criminal offense of abuse of official position, KV for the criminal offense of abuse of official position through incitement and DO for the criminal offense of falsifying an official document, and in connection with the issuance of an armed list and documentation to a person who did not meet the requirements prescribed by law conditions. The case is in the investigation phase and actions are being taken in order to determine all the circumstances of the event in question that are important for making a decision", the spokeswoman of the ODT Kotor, the state prosecutor, told "Vijesta" Tijana Celanovic.

However, she could not answer the question of what has been determined so far by the investigation, which has been going on for more than ten months, and whether the ODT has collected enough evidence for the eventual filing of an indictment against any or all three suspected MUP members from Tivat.

"In order to protect against the disclosure of data related to the content of the actions taken in the pre-criminal procedure and the evidence collected by the investigation, we are not able to tell you what conclusions we reached, what actions were taken, and the content of the collected evidence," she told "Vijesta" prosecutor Čelanović.

Although they arrested her on July 21 and brought her to the ODT Kotor for questioning the next day on suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of abuse of official position through incitement, the Tivat police continued to deal with Karolina Vučinović in the meantime.

Namely, as "Vijesti" found out, she was once again a passenger in the police car because of the problem she has before another judicial body: the Budva Misdemeanor Court - Kotor Division.

"On February 14, 2024, the officers of the Police Station of the Tivat Security Department, acting on the order of the Budva Misdemeanor Court, Department in Kotor, brought KV to the premises of the aforementioned judicial authority for questioning", confirmed to "News" from the Team for Relations with the public of the Police Administration of Montenegro.

Despite the fact that, due to Vučinovića's failure to respond to court summons, the police had to be engaged to provide assistance to the Court for Misdemeanors and bring to it the head of the Tivat Branch for Administrative Affairs of the MUP, and despite the fact that an investigation is being conducted against her by ODT Kotor, Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is headed by a minister Danilo Šaranović (Democrats), to date has not taken any action against Vučinović, nor has she been dismissed from the position of Branch manager.

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