The heads of the criminal clan clarify international politics: Only we can overthrow Vučić

Zvicer and Milović discuss foreign policy and consider how Biden's arrival at the head of America will affect the countries of the region. The Kavčan leader claims that only they can overthrow Vučić, with the help of 40.000 fans: Every government in Serbia was overthrown by the fans, says Zvicer. "No matter what kind of people, there were always a lot more Serbs, but they were not allowed to vote and stand out... Milo's car is going downhill and there is no one to stop it"

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"When 40 thousand people start chanting for him": Aleksandar Vučić, Photo: Beta/AP
"When 40 thousand people start chanting for him": Aleksandar Vučić, Photo: Beta/AP
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Only we can overthrow Vučić, says Radoje Zvicer to the now fugitive policeman Ljubo Milović while they talk about international politics.

The leader of the Kavac criminal clan and his associate are discussing it on an encrypted phone application on January 10, 2021, and their reason is the arrival of Joe Biden at the head of the United States of America.

It was during this period that Biden defeated Donald Trump in the presidential elections there.

According to Sky, the interlocutors agree that his election as president of America suits everyone, except for Serbia and Greater Serbian politics.

Vucicphoto: Reuters

In this context, Milović states that with Biden's arrival, politics in the Balkans must be turned around, and that the USA will go "to topple Vučić with all its might"...

"I told you that only we can overthrow Vučić so that at the beginning of the championship 40h (thousands) start chanting for him... Every government in Serbia was overthrown by the fans", Zvicer sends.

Radoje Switzerland
Radoje Switzerlandphoto: Sky/Vijesti

Among others, Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljković, who for years managed a large part of Belgrade's Partizan fans, were among others in the ranks of the Kavački clan, as investigators from Montenegro and Serbia would later register.

Milović: We need to play wisely in the coming period.

Switzerland: Biden suits you for any country without Serbs (Serbia).

Milović: To Serbia, Republika Srpska and Greater Serbian politics.

Zvicer: I told them to weigh carefully, whatever they decide, I accept... That Stanivuković is being held by the English...

Milović: I think that Stefanović will try to weaken Vučić with all his might. He changes everything. And Stanivuković is a disguised Greater Serb, a bigger nationalist than Dodik. I followed and loved him until I heard his statements regarding the litany, Montenegro, Srebrenica, the Dayton Agreement, Kosovo...

Aleksandar Vučić

Zvicer: Yes, he doesn't hide it, he mentions his uncle who died in every conversation.

Milović: All Serbian heavy politics, I can't move forward like that. With this policy, the Serbs go 3 years forward, then 10 years back.

Zvicer: Foreigners will change that, since these vermin of ours are ready for anything. Let's just download these in CG, so whatever.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro during that period was Zdravko Krivokapić, whose government was formed about a month before that, i.e. on December 4, 2020. DPS lost the elections in August of that year after thirty years of rule.

Milović: As soon as they get a little stronger economically, they immediately start sticking their noses into the region. No one is good except them... Hollow ones are good. I guess people are coming to their senses...

Zvicer: No matter what kind of people, there were always a lot more Serbs, but they were not allowed to vote and stand out... Milo's car is going down the hill and there is no one to stop it. Bran's arrest is a strong moment for voters and all...

Branislav Brano Mićunović from Nikšić was arrested in Budva on January 6, 2021, after a weapon was found in the car he was in.

Along with him, several other persons from Mućunović's security were also deprived of their freedom.

Aleksandar Vučić
photo: Boris Pejović

According to the data of the National Security Agency, Mićunović is the head of one of the criminal teams in Montenegro. He has repeatedly denied this.

New indictment

Numerous criminal proceedings are being conducted against Zvicer and Milović in Montenegro, as well as in the surrounding area.

The Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT) announced yesterday that it has brought another indictment against them and 11 other people for creating a criminal organization, drug smuggling and money laundering.

The defendants are Milović, Zvicer, Mileta Ojdanić, Milo Božović, Miloš Mišurović, Filip Zindović, Petar Lazović, Nebojša Bugarin, Milan Popović, Ivan Stamatović, Vjekoslav Lambulić, Radovan Perović and Bojan Ojdanić.

It is explained that the subject of that prosecution act is the smuggling of more than five tons of cocaine from South America to Europe, but also the transfer of the dirty money thus obtained from the Netherlands to Montenegro, in order to conceal its origin in the amount of 1.375.000 euros: "On the occasion of which events, among other things, the Special State Prosecutor's Office previously filed an indictment against 21 persons".

"Today, the Special State Prosecutor's Office submitted an indictment against 13 defendants to the Special Department for the Trial of Criminal Offenses of Organized Crime, Corruption, Terrorism and War Crimes of the High Court in Podgorica: Lj.M., MO, MB, MM, FZ, PL, NB ,MP, IS, VL, RP, BO and RZ, against the defendants: VL, RP and BO, for the criminal offenses of creating a criminal organization, against the defendants: Lj.M., MO, MB, MM, FZ, PL, NB , MP, IS, VL, RP, BO and RZ, for the criminal offense of unauthorized production, possession and distribution of narcotic drugs, and against the defendant BO for the criminal offense of money laundering, committed in the period from November 2019 to March 2021. , in South America and certain countries of Western Europe and in Montenegro", states the statement signed by the prosecutor and spokesman of the SDT, Vukas Radonjić.

The indictment suggested that the defendants Lambulić, Perović and Bojan Ojdanić should be prolonged in custody, and that Milović, Zindović, Bugarin, Stamatović and Zvicer should be tried in absentia.

They are on the run, and international warrants have been issued for them.

Not the end of the investigation?

After Lambulić, Perović and Bojan Ojdanić were arrested at the beginning of October 2023, Vijest was unofficially informed by the SDT that this is not the end and that they will continue working with SPO inspectors in this case.

"SDT and SPO will continue their work in this case, because a large part of the Sky correspondence has arrived, so new arrests are expected when the analysis is finished," said the newspaper's interlocutor involved in the investigation at the time.

Investigators then allegedly identified Perović, Ojdanić and Lambulić as users of accounts on the Sky application, through which larger quantities of cocaine were ordered from Mileta Ojdanić. He was deprived of his freedom in March last year.

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