About 26 kilograms of marijuana were found in the possession of a man from Podgorica, who was released from prison

Ljucović was arrested earlier today in the Kučki Korita area

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
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Ažurirano: 13.04.2024. 19:08h

Nikola Ljucović (33) from Podgorica will defend himself against charges of smuggling marijuana, Vijesti has learned.

Ljucović was arrested earlier today in the area of ​​Kučki Korita, after members of the Border Police found about 26 kilograms of marijuana in his possession.

After the hearing at the Higher State Prosecutor's Office, he was released to defend himself.

According to the knowledge of Vijesta, the border guards noticed two people early this morning carrying sacks towards Koriti and entering a cottage.

Allegedly, they entered that house with sacks of drugs around 4 o'clock, and half an hour later Ljucović escorted them to Albania. Not long after that, border guards and inspectors for the fight against drugs broke into Ljucović's cottage and arrested him.

Ljucović's defense attorney, lawyer Mirko Bogićević, confirmed to Vijesti that the man from Podgorica was taken into custody early this morning.

"My client was detained early this morning after authorized police officers found 25 kilograms of marijuana in a cottage in Koriti. After a hearing at the High State Prosecutor's Office, he was released to defend himself," Bogićević said.

The Police Directorate also announced itself.

"Officials of the Border Police Sector, undertaking planned operational-tactical measures and actions, spotted two unknown persons who, moving from the direction of the Republic of Albania, were carrying sacks on their backs, which, after entering the territory of Montenegro in the town of Kučka Korita, they handed over to N.Lj (33) In consultation with the Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica, the cottage used by N.Lj was searched, during which two sacks containing suspected narcotic drugs were found. marijuana, with a total weight of about 26 kilograms," the announcement states.

They said that the suspect was arrested on suspicion of having committed a criminal offense - unauthorized production, possession and distribution of narcotic drugs.

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