Kaluđerović: Coordinated attack by the police and the prosecutor's office on my family

"There is every possibility that the well-known old system of so-called 'operational knowledge' has returned," the response states.

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Cetinje (illustration), Photo: Shutterstock
Cetinje (illustration), Photo: Shutterstock
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Nada Kaluđerović from Cetinje accused the police and the prosecutor's office of returning to the old system of "operational knowledge" and of carrying out a "coordinated attack" on her family.

She reacted to the announcement of the Police Administration, published by Vijesti on April 11, in which it was stated that MB (29), VK (34), PK (20) and MK (35) were arrested that day in Cetinje on suspicion of committed criminal acts of illegal possession and carrying of weapons and explosive substances, as well as that MM (42) is being sought on suspicion of having committed the same criminal act.

Her reaction is reported by Vijesti in its entirety.

"As the mother of the suspected Kaluđerović brothers, I strongly condemn the coordinated attack by the police and the prosecutor's office on my family. There is every possibility that the well-known old system of so-called 'operational knowledge' has returned. This is unprecedented in the history of the Montenegrin judiciary, that an entire family is ordered into custody at the same time. the only thing missing was my husband and I for this attack to be successfully completed. As a mother whose three sons ended up in custody today, I would like to point out that it is not excluded that during earlier searches and similar raids on our family home, the police officers substances, which were allegedly found in insignificant amounts in one of my sons, without knowing when and where and in what period of time it was found and what precise amount damage to my family, unprovoked. My sons do honest, mostly hard physical work, while one of them is a sports physiotherapist, and we live no differently than other citizens who honestly struggle for existence, in this unfortunately, apparently lawless state. Suddenly, overnight we are being targeted as members of criminal clans, and they are forcibly separated from their families, all three sons were separated from me today, there are all chances that the old work system has entered the scene again, what else can we expect gentlemen who work through 'operational knowledge'?

"I hope, as a mother, that higher authorities will make a reasonable and correct decision and release them from persecution, and that the media will have the sensibility to hear our side of the story and stop the lynching, because it is easy to get the wrong impression from the headlines so far that on Wednesday a successful action to bring notorious criminals to justice, when in fact it is a pure farce, and returning all of us to the period when Montenegro was filled with fear and innocent blood was spilled. As a mother, I feel great sadness and pain because of the injustice and the unequal standards of the prosecution and the police. especially for labeling my children in any clan. Since the beginning of time, this case is unheard of, that without previous convictions, my children end up like this because of someone's whim," writes Kaluđerović in his reaction, which was delivered to Vijesti last night.

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