Biography of operative Zoran Lazović

From a job in Bjelopolje "Imak" to one of the most influential security guards

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Zoran Lazović, Photo: Boris Pejović
Zoran Lazović, Photo: Boris Pejović
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Zoran Lazović, a long-time senior operative of the National Security Agency (ANB), after his forced departure from the National Security Agency in 2015, four years later, was assigned to the Police Directorate, where he became the formation's most influential assistant to the then director of the Police Directorate, Veselin Veljović.

The new redistribution of power in the public service, the establishment of new units and the return of two key security guards - Lazović and Duško Golubović to the police wing meant at that time the realignment and rapprochement of the two conflicting DPS clans - the people of Grandovac and the people of Mojkovo...

The career of one of the most influential security guards began in the 80s in Bjelopolje "Imak", and during the wartime aggression of the JNA on Dubrovnik in 1991, Lazović was also the commander of the army's sabotage unit.

After that, he was employed in the MUP, where he became the head of the unit for special tasks and the anti-terrorist unit of the MUP of Montenegro.

After the episode in public, Lazović transferred to the then State Security Service, and during his career he became one of the key agents and the most experienced operatives of the National Security Agency.

His progress in the service began after the division of the DPS in 1997, when Milo Đukanović's wing was faced with major personnel problems in the service in the north of the country.

Then Lazović took over that region.

After the secret service was separated from the MUP and was named the National Security Agency during the tenure of the first director of the ANB, Duško Marković, from 2005 to 2010, Lazović was entrusted with numerous functions, and he was also the head of the Department for Combat against organized crime and terrorism.

At that time, the affair surrounding the presence of an experienced operative at the wedding of Safet Kalić in Rožaje, who for years was linked to international drug smuggling, money laundering... was never fully clarified.

ANB claimed that Lazović was at the wedding on official duty, and the secret service later refused to publish "secret information".

Lazović and his then closest associate in ANB, Duško Golubović, who at the time was respected for close contacts with Naser Keljmnedi, left the service in April 2015 following the decision to remove from the Agency operatives with the burden of ties to members of criminal groups and intelligence officers from countries outside the NATO alliance, primarily Russia.

At that time, about 70 employees left ANB, some were immediately retired, others received the status of unassigned.

Although they were out of the system, as it was announced at the time, in 2018 SDT initiated a case due to the claims of a protected witness under the code name - Jadranko Jonski that former ANB employees Lazović and Golubović were allegedly on the list for liquidation of Ranko Radulović from Nikšić and Albanian citizen Erogen Brajović.

After the great return to the Police Directorate, Zoran Lazović, as Veljović's assistant, also brought his son Petar Lazović from the secret service, who joined the Support Team of the Sector for the fight against organized crime.

Even at that time, that Team was followed by numerous controversies as well as accusations of abuse of official position, inhumane treatment, torture and brutal police torture...

Towards the end of the mandate, the then management of the Police Directorate, headed by Lazović and assistant Enis Baković, on December 28, 2020, lifted the ban on Serbian citizens Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljković from entering Montenegro, at the request of the Serbian security services.

They used their stay in Montenegro to socialize with the top of the Kavačka clan, and later in the photos from SKY communication, they are seen in the intimate embrace of Petar Lazović, policeman Ljubo Milović...

Lazović and Veljović's assistants were dismissed on March 1, 2021, and in the fall of that year, Lazović was questioned in the investigation regarding the lifting of the ban on Belivuk and Miljković.

In the summer of 2022, by order of the SDT, and based on numerous SKY communications from EUROPOL, Lazović's son Petar was arrested, against whom several indictments have been brought and several investigations have been opened for cooperation with the Kavak clan.

The arrested former GST Milivoje Katnić claimed that Petar Lazović was on a "secret mission" and that he was collecting information against the clan...

Towards the end of 2022, Katnić's closest associate in the SDT, special prosecutor Saša Čađenović, was also arrested, on suspicion of abusing his official position precisely in the case of the SKY documentation regarding the agent Petar Lazović and his ties to the Kavak clan.

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