DPS: This morning's action by the SDT is a continuation of the revanchism that has been going on since August 30, 2020, respect the presumption of innocence

"The goal of criminalizing the previous government at any cost"

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Photo: DPS
Photo: DPS
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This morning's action by the Special State Prosecutor's Office is a continuation of the practice of revanchism, which has been going on since August 30, 2020, and which aims to criminalize the previous government at any cost, with the ambition to, in addition to political damage, also overturn the indictment in the case of a coup d'état, announced the Democratic Socialist Party (DPS).

In this morning's action, on the order of the SDT, the former chief special prosecutor Milivoje Katnić and the former high-ranking police official Zoran Lazović were arrested. The prosecution suspects them of creating a criminal organization and abuse of official position.

"We are witnesses that everything that happened this morning was announced for months, and even years, by the Belgrade media and the parties of the current government, while the indictments were written on the front pages of the media that exclusively and illegally visited suspicious SKY materials and documents from the National Intelligence Agency. It is also interesting that in almost 4 years no criminal offense has been committed in Montenegro, since the SDT is still silent on the hundreds of criminal reports submitted by the DPS for obvious abuses of official positions by officials who came to positions in the wake of the August XNUMXth 'liberations'", announced DPS.

"Finally, the Democratic Party of Socialists calls for respect for the presumption of innocence and refraining from media sensationalism, since the persons who were deprived of their liberty this morning are persons who for decades did the most responsible prosecutorial and police work in the interest of the citizens of Montenegro, and regardless of their complex outrage, they deserve fair treatment in public", that party concludes.

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