Piperović: Lazović denied guilt, he is charged with creation, and Katnić with membership in a criminal organization

The lawyer says that no new arrests can be expected

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Piperović, Photo: Jelena Jovanović
Piperović, Photo: Jelena Jovanović
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Lawyer Zoran Piperović, the defender of the arrested former assistant director of the Police Administration, Zoran Lazović, said that his client denied guilt tonight at the hearing in the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT) and did not answer the prosecutor's questions.

He explained that SDT charges Lazović with the creation of a criminal organization and two criminal offenses of abuse of official position.

As he stated, the Prosecution also identified another arrested person, former chief special prosecutor Milivoj Katnić, as a member of that alleged criminal group.

SDT claims that there are more members of that group, and Piperović says that no new arrests can be expected.

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"What he was charged with and how it was conceived, and how much legal logic there is, I wouldn't answer to the mother either, and not to the prosecutor," Piperović told reporters in front of the SDT building.

He says that "a lot of it is strange".

"I expected, after so much fuss, that it would be something large, very provable, exact, many faces, many everything... Now it has been made into one story in a way that, in my opinion, elementary criminal-legal review. If we get to court, I think we'll be able to prove it... We'll see how we get on with the judge who has to order custody," Piperović said.

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When asked if today's action is connected with the arrest of former special prosecutor Saša Čađenović, he answered:

"Here, Saša should be a member of the group. Now that fact is only stated that Saša was deprived of his liberty for one case and because of one event in his life that implied incrimination, because he acted in such and such a way... Here he has the status of a member of a criminal organization ."

Piperović says that he has not heard whether this is a continuation of the "Alfa" action, to which lawyer Stefan Jovanović, also defending Lazović, said that the prosecutor did not state that.

"Saša is listed there as a member for something he is already there for, now he is here for the same reason for the second time...", Piperović added.

He said that "about a thousand kilos of brandy and about a thousand liters of wine were sealed" from the property.

When asked if the case regarding the possible lifting of the entry ban on Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljković was mentioned, Piperović said that the entry ban was mentioned.

"But another thing was not mentioned. I would not like to reveal the details and why it was not mentioned, but that is exactly what it concerns. It had to be mentioned, because without it there is no act, but why should I now help them to correct themselves. So, the mentioned is, but in a way that cannot be tolerated by an elementary criminal law court," Piperović said.

Lawyer Jovanović assessed that "politics is now trying to directly influence and collect political points before perhaps some upcoming political crisis."

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"It is specifically about something that was discussed in the previous period of time, and for a longer period of time. You assume, and you know what the issues are. The defense would use the opportunity to welcome the common-sense move of the VDT, Mr. Marković, who confirmed the position colleague Piperović, and this is an attempt to influence the prosecutor's organization. VDT indicated that the prosecution is independent..." said Jovanović.

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