Accused of stealing gold from the house of Aca Đukanović asked for the prosecutor's exemption: She does not believe that the object is in her possession by chance

The plaintiff's husband is "a seasoned lawyer of DPS officials, he is in the main committee of that party", so I believe that she cannot lead this case, it is doubtful that the case came into her hands.

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She is charged with the theft of jewelry worth 300.000 euros: Pešukić, Photo: Boris Pejović
She is charged with the theft of jewelry worth 300.000 euros: Pešukić, Photo: Boris Pejović
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Aon Pešukić, accused of stealing gold from the house Aca Đukanović, she asked for the exemption of the representative of the prosecution, the prosecutor Sladjane Španjević Volkov, which she said doubts her impartiality.

In addition to hers, she also requested the dismissal of the head of the Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica Duško Milanović.

She did that last week in the courtroom of the Basic Court in Podgorica, where she answers before the judge Larisom Mijušković Stamatović.

After the trial, Pešukić told "Vijesti" why she did it, but also how she explained her request to the judge.

"In the courtroom, I pointed out that I have been in this procedure for four years and that many 'state' people have gone through it, and then I explained that by that term I mean people who could be improperly influenced, starting with Suzana Mugoša, Stojanke Radović, and so on," she said.

He also adds that after so many years, she fought to come before the court where the proceedings were supposed to be conducted from the beginning.

"I told the judge that it is an honor and a privilege to be tried before a court that has real and local jurisdiction over me from the start, but also that a few days ago we had a plea agreement and tried to settle. Prosecutor Španjević Volkov offered me to plead guilty and agree to a year in prison and 290.000 euros to pay the Đukanović family's compensation claim, which I did not agree to. Also, I reminded them that at one time special prosecutor Radović offered me to agree to six months in prison and the same figure, and that because of that, the moment Španjević Volkov offered me such an agreement, her involvement in this case became problematic, and its action is symptomatic", said Pešukić.

She also explained why she still doubts the bias of the acting prosecutor, and says that she communicated this in the courtroom as well.

"I emphasized that I am asking for her exemption because her husband is a lawyer of DPS officials, he is in the main committee of that party and that for these reasons I believe that the prosecutor Španjević Volkov cannot lead this case. Also, due to the fact that the case was assigned to her, I announced that I do not believe in the random selection of the case, that is, that I am suspicious of how the case came into the hands of the prosecutor who dismissed the criminal complaint in the 'Portal Udar' case. For all these reasons, apart from hers, I also asked for the manager's exemption", she explained.

She claims that the judge then asked her to request her exemption as well.

"I told her that I would never do that and that it would be an honor for her to judge me. Also, in the courtroom, I told them that I suffered the most damage from this procedure, all four years. Of that, I was forbidden to leave the capital for three years due to surveillance measures, and while members of organized criminal groups reported to the police once every 15 days, I was subject to a stricter measure - to do so once a week. That measure has still not been lifted, but it has been changed to the measure of occasionally reporting to the Special Police Department. It was heard in the courtroom that this case was 'sloppy', and I have been saying that since the moment when they took it away from the acting primary prosecutor and forcibly, unfoundedly and illegally, placed me under the jurisdiction of the Special State Prosecutor's Office," said Pešukić.

The case of theft from the house of Aco Đukanović at the end of last year was forwarded to the Basic Court in Podgorica. This was done after the special department of the Podgorica High Court declared itself incompetent, three and a half years after the now-retired special prosecutor Stojanka Radović, at midnight on April 2, 2020, stole the case from the then basic prosecutor. Vukas Radonjić and ordered the detention of Pešukić, who then asked her to sign a plea agreement with the ODT.

I have been in this procedure for four years, through which many 'state' people have gone, and by that term I mean people who could have been improperly influenced, starting with Suzana Mugoša, Stojanka Radović, and continuing, said Pešukić after the postponed trial.

After the High Court declared itself incompetent, Pešukić told "Vijesta" that she expects the SDT to determine who, on the night she confessed to the theft, "called the prosecutor Radović to join the case".

She was arrested on April 2, 2020, after admitting to stealing jewelry from the house of her employer at the time - the brother of the former president of the state Milo Đukanović.

At the time, she also claimed that the total value of the jewelry was not what she was being charged for - around 330.000 euros.

"There was not as much jewelry as the prosecution claims, there were even pieces that they received from friends, which turned out not to be gold... so the question arises on whose orders and for what motives did the special prosecutor invent a criminal organization and so much value. It is very important to know that," she said earlier.

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