Protest in front of the Appellate Court: "Stricter penalties for crimes against children, institutions encourage abusers and thugs"

One of the organizers of the protest said that they have drawn up a petition that the minimum sentence for rape in this area must be eight years

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Photo: Jovan Mrdak
Photo: Jovan Mrdak
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Ažurirano: 15.05.2024. 13:17h

Dozens of citizens gathered today in front of the Appellate Court in protest after that court decided to reduce the prison sentence of BB, the defendant for the multiple rape of a fifteen-year-old girl, from a maximum of 15 to eight years.

Those gathered carried banners "Stricter penalties for crimes against children", "Reduce rape, not punishment", "Eight years in prison for lifelong trauma", "Prolonged rape does not have an overemphasized significance"...

"We ask the Appellate Court and the court panel why they rewarded the rapist. If there was no mitigating circumstance, if it was a minor child, if it was a returnee, why did they punish the girl? The victim is never to blame. But institutions encourage bullies and bullies to continue doing what they are doing," said Aida Petrović from the NGO Prima.

One of the organizers of the protest, Vesna Jočić, asked if anyone was wondering whether "parents are now capable of providing psychological support to the child after this case". "Who is behind the victim now, who is supporting her," she said.

The representative of the "Mi momoje" movement said that they have drawn up a petition that the minimum sentence for rape in this area must be eight years.

"We demand an urgent change in the penal policy. This petition was supported by six thousand citizens. We do not comment on court decisions, but we believe that something is wrong when it comes to the penal policy of Montenegro," Radić said.

The executive director of the Parents Association, Kristina Mihailović, said that "unfortunately, this is just one of several similar cases that have happened in recent days." "At the moment, there are several other similar cases where the message may even be even worse. We don't have a registry. We don't have anyone who has committed such acts. If you don't have your own child, why don't you think about a child from your neighborhood, what kind of message are you sending him?" she stated.

Mihajlović added that in addition to reducing the penalties, "you are going towards the lower and not the upper limit, you are deciding not to apply what should be done to protect children".

B. B, who raped a girl from January to June 2020, threatening to kill her father if she told anyone, was sentenced in 2022 by judge Vesna Kovačević to a maximum of 15 years. The Court of Appeal annulled that verdict, after which Judge Veljko Radovanović sentenced him to the same sentence in the repeated proceedings, so the new decision to reduce it to eight years is final.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeals said that they understand the public's need to express dissatisfaction with their decision, but emphasize that based on a careful and comprehensive analysis, they assessed the punishment within the limits prescribed by law for that criminal offense, in accordance with the criminal policy expressed through the available judicial practice and on the basis of a free judge's opinion in accordance with the law.

The decision on reduction was made by judges Predrag Tabaš, Srđan Vujović and Vesna Moštrokol.

The defendant BB has already served half of his sentence, and he will be in prison for a maximum of four more years, if he does not get parole after some time.

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