"Kamikaza" aimed at him at the polling station as well: the Bar skaljars arranged through Skaj to kill Spasojević in a public place

In the summer of 2020, several members of the criminal Škaljar clan worked out several plans for the liquidation of associates of the accused drug lord Darko Šarić from Pljevlje

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They complained that Spasojević was "driving" them through the city, Photo: Skaj/Vijesti
They complained that Spasojević was "driving" them through the city, Photo: Skaj/Vijesti
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For months, in the summer of 2020, the members of the bar cell of the Škaljar clan worked out several plans to liquidate Nikola Spasojevic, an associate of the accused drug lord from Pljevlja Darko Sarić. In this context, in order to show their power, they plan to kill him in a public place - in a shopping center, or in front of a polling station - by their "kamikaze". In parallel with those plans, they also considered the possibility of taking his life while he was meeting with a woman from Budva, in a villa in Reževići, which is why the soldiers of the Škaljracs started stalking them.

They forged those plans in the summer of 2020, before the parliamentary elections, but also after that, when they monitored Spasojević and his family members.

According to the correspondence from the once protected Sky application, their priority target was exactly that Baranin, as they call it Coro, and the second on the firing list was certain Ivan.

"We'll see, brother, if Ćoro coincides, if there is a kamikaze public radio... then I'll tell them RPG for Ivan", the now deceased told his soldiers on August 1 of that year Mile Radulović called Captain.

Not even Ilija Čvorović is our equal, writes Radulović
Not even Ilija Čvorović is our equal, writes Radulovićphoto: Sky/Vijesti

The team charged by the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT) with planning multiple liquidations, stalked and targeted Spasojević days before and after that conversation.

The day before they arranged for their "kamikaze" to kill Spasojević in a public place, the Captain says:

"Uhhh bro, just to give us a chance to skin him".

On that day, they also arrange to get a hand-held rocket launcher (RPG). Kasapa, now deceased Damir Hodžić.

Analyzing the intercepted conversations, members of the Special Police Department and special prosecutors found evidence that Spasojević was stalked by Baranin Stefan Mićić, who sent photos of himself and his house to members of the clan he belonged to.

For each of the plans, they make a team, and for the option in Reževići, they arrange for the executors to approach by water and hire an associate to drive a scooter, which he and the killer would set on fire after the liquidation...

Radulović in conversation with Stefan Janković, who used nicknames on that communication channel Fantom i Bin Laden, says:

"We have to get rid of him, brother. There is no other. So let's move on!!! If we take him to vote with a kamikaze, then we will make this evil Kajmak for rpg. Because if he has to do this rpg, everyone will go to hell, bro, let's just solve this and we'll share everything. This is for us Aja brother! Let it go like this now", writes Radulović.

He also tells Janković that he would like to be able to catch Spasojević - "let's torture him a little!!!", and then explains that because of the murder of Adž (Alan Kožara) of the Kokija (Damir Hadžić), now he will be on the attack of the opposing team.

He also explains that until then he was protected because of Luka and Koki.

"Now that will be impossible!! But I watch everything," he says.

Supervised every step

The day before August 30, he complains that half of the team is in Pljevlja and the other half in Podgorica, and a little later he reports that they saw him in Bar:

"Brother, he's been driving us around the city all day in Bar. May madness find us. We thought he was going after PG, and he is turning his brother out, entering his father's house to hook us up. They entered the column on the road to Podgorica and returned. Spinning, first this morning he pulled us down the boulevard, then over the overpass and onto the Ulcinja roundabout, he takes a circle and goes home, it took him 10 minutes to circle!!! Then, 2 hours ago, he got out and went past the pumps to PG, passed the roundabout, entered Šušanj and returned home!!! And now he went out again to drive through the city," complains Radulović.

From the messages exchanged by the members of that branch of the criminal Škaljar clan, it follows that Spasojević was monitored from the hill above Bar, they checked whether he passed through the Sozina tunnel, they had teams stationed at the intersections leading to his house, and they also followed him while he was driving. .

Spasojević was closely followed
Spasojević was closely followedphoto: Sky/Vijesti

All the time they exchange photos of Spasojevic, the car he uses, his house.

After they failed to realize their monstrous plan during the election day, the Bar skaljarci continue with the observation of Spasojević.

Radulović states that "we are not very lucky", and then tells Janković that they are staying "until we finish him".

Janković informs him that in Podgorica he is monitoring the building where Spasojević lives, and that another team is also in Pljevlja.

"...These are in his PG on the building. More non stop. From 7am bro. And in PV until 19, he did not come to the elections that day, brother. Every day Bar and Pg are covered, brother, and by the way Sozina, Vir and Zeta", writes that Baranin...

According to the claims of the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT), a criminal group, whose members are Barani Stefan i Martin Jankovic, Ervin i Eldin Muratovic, Vladimir Ulama, Marko Perunicic i Stefan Mićić, planned the liquidation of Nikola Spasojević and certain Milana

The prosecutors claim that the suspects monitored Spasojević from close range, but also with optical means, as well as that they provided information about his movements and habits to the organizer of the crime group.

"Just let these scumbags move"

While they were monitoring whether Spasojević would go to the polling station in Bar, the team gathered around Milo Radulović was also discussing the result of the election.

After the polls closed on August 30, 2020, that resident of Kragujevac, who lived in Bar, sent to Janković.

“We got it bro!!!! Go vermin!!!! Good luck to us!!!! I can't believe it!!! Just keep these brothers moving!!!! And these scumbags!!!! Yes brother, only that they move more!!! And not to defend this vermin!!!! So we will fight as we know how!!! And the essence of opposition to every spy and traitor!!!" writes Radulović. Then he states that the elections were won by the now deceased Metropolitan "Amfilohije i Bog".

"Tomorrow is a new day, we are going our brothers!!! He loves you brother!!!", he writes to Janković.

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