How some police officers missed illegal cigarettes and how much they charged: Smuggling has been a state business for 15 years

One of the actors involved in the agreement regarding the smuggling of tobacco products from Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina explained that every day they meet vans, and that "the police just wave and say hello" to them.

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Bajčeta is brought to trial, Photo: Luka Zekovic
Bajčeta is brought to trial, Photo: Luka Zekovic
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Members of the so-called police drug cartel negotiated with a certain Strahinja to ensure safe passage of vans loaded with cigarettes to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, as they write, would be picked up by an RN called Rašo Letva in Trebinje. In this context, they also mention that it is the work of certain Koprivica who, as they claim, charge nine euros per packet of cigarettes from Podgorica to Nikšić and another six from the town under Trebjes to the border.

At the end of June 2020, Vladimir Bajčeta and an as yet unidentified member of that team, whose nickname was Zigi 29, discussed this through the once protected Sky application.

According to the claims of the Special State Prosecutor's Office, Bajčet was used by Comrade Stalin on Skaj. He claimed at the hearing that he was not a user of the encrypted application.

"... I will drive to the municipality just so they tell us who to contact... Once a week I fill up the van and hand it over to the municipality. my uncle's brother is passing it on... I'm casually waiting for them to get back to me on this, so I'm writing to you. On one side he, on the other someone else, but of course the police follow it and miss it... Every day I meet those vans, the police just wave and say hello... Ask how much we can withdraw per week, per month... If only you like no he does, but he knocks the price, because I will know in 10 cents what the price is," wrote a certain Zigi 21 on June 2020, 29.

After that, he reasons that they can have seven or eight thousand euros left over a month:

"Which is quite correct considering that there is no risk... That's it for you. The van holds 100 cartons. Once a week, everyone works... It will be ok, as long as these people contact me. When can it start?".

Bajčeti also says that they should not play, because "everyone gives nine euros", and then explains that "it is an established scheme" and that there are no deviations of 10 or 20 cents...

After that man from Podgorica wrote to him that he was afraid that someone would set them up, the interlocutor replied:

"We need on Trb. although that amount is easily established by everyone. And if they set me up - I don't believe they would dare, but everything is possible. I'm going to see everything, I have someone to ask... We'll tie it all together properly, I've been watching and sniffing it for a long time, my sister and brother-in-law are very good with Ranka, I'm sick of asking them, it's better like this my brother, and that's it , on this side, as far as I know, no one falls, except someone who wants to jump over someone"...

They continue the conversation the next day, when Bajčeta receives a message saying that at "these prices" they have 2.000 per month, but that they finish everything over the phone.

Ziggy then asks him if they told him that he can take 100 (packages) a week, and then he complains that someone has already built into the price.

"Brother, I was with Strahinja before. I am in contact with the buyer, the buyer is my brother's friend, someone has already set the prices. Transportation to the customer is 9 e PG-NK, and 6 e to the customer. This is done by Koprivice personally and they do it with their goods, they take 400 a week and do the transport to Raš Letva from TRB, which buys it all... well, nothing is better than nothing, so later I will try to get at least another 100 a week. , that would be quite correct. There, that's all 1/1, there's no brainstorming, it's all been going on steadily for 15 years and there are no deviations", he sends to Bajčeta and asks him if he should confirm everything.

After Bajčeti explains who their cigarette buyer is, Zigi 29 also writes that those in that business "put everyone on hold for seven days"...

"Brother, they give it to everyone, just everyone. They take half a milk apiece, no one cares or can screw anyone up, no one wants to ruin it. Brother, it's the same man who buys from everyone, it's the same state program there, he doesn't touch anyone, and he buys from Trb. 3, 4, 5 tow trucks a month... Let them ask Strahinja, Strahinja told me everything from A to Z. I told him about you"...

Rašo Letva is a controversial businessman from Herzegovina, and an interlocutor from security circles told "Vijesti" yesterday that this man from Trebinje has been in the cigarette smuggling business for a long time.

He is mentioned by Zigi and Bajčeta in the negotiations regarding the supply of illegal tobacco products, and in a separate chat he is mentioned by his full name by the then policeman Petar Lazović, who asks Ljub Milović for help in getting Ras Letva to be "greeted to Trebinje"...

That Trebinjac was not included in the indictment of the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT) brought against a twenty-one-member criminal group in which there were 12 active and/or former police officers.

The SDT charges individuals in that organized criminal group with smuggling 4,3 tons of cocaine, laundering around 7.000.000 euros, but also with causing general danger, illegal possession of weapons, abuse of official position...

This act of special prosecutors includes Bajčeta, former president of the Municipality of Budva Milo Božović, former secret agent Petar Lazović, but also former assistant director of the Police Administration (UP) Dejan Knežević, former and current officers of the UP - Ivan Nikolić, Mileta Ojdanić, Ivan Stamatović, Nebojša Bulgarian, Milan Popović, Miloš Mišurović, Marko Novaković, Goran Stojanović, Tihomir Adžić and Ivan Mijatović... The indictment, which was recently resubmitted to the High Court, includes Božidar Jabučanin, Aleksandar Keković, Filip Zindović (Kljajević) and Dražen Milović and the chief of the criminal clan of Radoje Zvicer.

Individuals in that crime team are accused of organizing the smuggling of cocaine from Ecuador to the countries of the European Union and Turkey on the orders of Milović and Ojdanić, transporting money obtained from cocaine to Serbia and Montenegro, but also using violence and intimidating other persons, acquiring large quantities weapons and explosive materials... They are also accused of having influenced the appointment of persons close to them to leadership positions in the Police Directorate in order to obtain classified information and other important information, but also of using money obtained through criminal activity in the parliamentary elections in August 2020. in Montenegro influenced voters not to exercise their right to vote...

The court in Belgrade left Sky as evidence

Yesterday, the Judicial Council of the Special Court in Belgrade made a decision that in the continuation of the trial of the members of the criminal group Ljub Milović, the entire material from Skaj remains in the case file, but they separated several reports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there on the identification of users of the once protected application.

This was announced in the continuation of the trial of Milović's criminal group, which the local authorities charge with laundering more than six million euros, which are suspected to have been obtained by smuggling cocaine.

N1 announced yesterday that, based on separate reports, the Prosecution proves that it is about the accused in that proceeding.

Acting prosecutor Goran Jović said that Skaj is relevant evidence and that he opposes the release of the entire material, as well as that the police provided the data from Skaj to the Prosecutor's Office on CDs in the prescribed manner.

Referring to the defense's reference to the judgment of the European Court of Justice, the prosecutor stated that the aforementioned judgment refers to a specific case of using encrypted Encrochat evidence in Germany, and not to the Sky application.

"We don't even know what it is exactly, whether the judgment refers to the 'encrochat' application or to the 'Encrochat' company and how exactly that application works. In any case, 'encrochat' and 'sky' are not the same thing. In the case of 'encrochat', the data was submitted in real time and for an unspecified criminal offense, which is not the case with the 'sky' evidence", reports N1.

Before that court, Milović is being tried in absentia as the leader of a group accused of conspiring to commit criminal acts. The indictment of the Serbian Prosecutor's Office for organized crime describes in detail the transportation of more than six million euros in cash by trucks from smaller cities in the Netherlands via Serbia to Montenegro.

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