"We tear them apart if they don't kill the leaders": Zviter and Milović about the attackers of the head of the bar in Ukraine

The head of the bar and the policeman at the time have been discussing for days what would be the best thing to do with the thugs who seriously wounded the Swiss. "I will see that they squeeze them for spying on all the main ones, if not - that they strip themselves," Zvicer sends a message via the Sky application.

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Not long after being seriously wounded Radoja Zvicer in Kiev, a policeman Ljubo Milović he asks about his health every day, they talk about old ones and arrange new deals with cocaine, but also comment on what good could come of them after the shooting in the capital of Ukraine.

On the penultimate day of May 2020, the head of the Kavaka criminal clan suggests that the best thing would be for those arrested who shot at him to sing everything and mention the names of the leaders of the Skaljar clan at the hearing in the Ukrainian police, in order to end the war with the rival criminal group.

If that doesn't happen, he also proposes an alternative scenario: "I will see that they squeeze them for spying on all the main ones, if not - that they strip themselves," Zvicer sends a message via the Sky application.

Zvicer was wounded on May 26, 2020, when several shots were fired at him in the elite part of Kyiv, near the "Novopečerski Lipki" complex in Dragomirova street.

On June 1, 2020, Milović asks him what the Ukrainians say about the shooting, whether they arrested "the one who went to war, from the service", but also how they previously connected with the Skaljars...

"It looks like something on the phone, I'll see that they squeeze them for spying on all the main ones, if not they strip off... To mention Snapper (Jovan Vukotic), (Alan) Tannery, (Filip) Korača, this stronger, if he can do it with our militia, it would be the end", says Zvicer.

"That would be right, if only one mentioned them. It would be enough," replies Milović.

The head of the bar then asks the policeman if he should work on it in Ukraine, while he is recovering from the wounds received in the armed attack...

"That can be accepted by Montenegro or everything goes," he asks, while the then police officer replies that Montenegro and Ukraine have good cooperation...

"Cooperation went through the British liaison officer, at the same moment when the case happened, they sent the footage, everything went through my friend Dej and ours are identifying them," explains Milović.

He suggests Zvicer to work on it, because "the statement is a miracle".

"When someone from the event mentions, he can bring in whoever he wants, that even though he doesn't know specifically who ordered it, he heard from others"...

"We have to clamp them down, I can get rid of them later," says Zvicer.


Fourteen days after that, Milović tells him that a mutual friend called him again, that he was interested in the situation and promised that they would do everything necessary...

"Now he's calling again Artjom, they called him again, said everything they needed to do... they heard about the situation. But they didn't know who it was... So they have a lot of people there", the policeman informs him and then adds: "They need to be told to attack these people in prison"...

Zvicer then clarifies again that he has already invested money so that the suspects start "singing" the names of the leaders of the Skaljar criminal organization.

He claims that he gave 30 thousand for that purpose.

"Today I gave 30 hours for them to start squeezing, to spy on Kožar and the main ones... Well, if they can't, then they should tear themselves apart," says Zviter.

Both previously, during their correspondence, state that Stefan Djukic, one of the attackers, "completed the mission" after he was arrested shortly after the shooting.

"However, Đukić is finished", states the head of the bar, with which, he writes, the escaped policeman also agrees: "Đukić has completed his mission".

The attack on Zvicer was organized by the Skaljar criminal clan, and the identified shooters include Barani Stefan Djukić and from Podgorica Emil Tuzovic...

"However, Đukić is finished", states the head of the bar, with which, he writes, the escaped policeman also agrees: "Đukić has completed his mission".

After that, Milović says that he was warned about Tuzović a long time ago...

"Nemanja warned me about that Tuzović a long time ago, and told me to beware of him, even when he was coming to Donji Gorica to that Donji when they were raiding... After that he told me about the son-in-law of Amica"...

Zviter replies that he knew everything about him, but that this person "got lost" in the meantime: "I knew everything about him, but he got lost"...

"Ono was last in NK when they controlled him, when we thought Banićević that he didn't work," replies Milović.


Apart from Đukić and Tuzović, Serbian citizens Milan Branković and Petar Jovanović are also suspected of the armed attack on Switzerland in Ukraine.

All are still in custody there.

Not long after the attack, Ukrainian services announced that the suspects arrived in that country in early May 2020, that they had bought and prepared the weapons and vehicles used in the crime earlier, and then organized the surveillance of Switzerland.

"Having determined the date of the murder, the defendants waited for the victim near his house. After firing five shots at the victim, the two perpetrators got into a car and left the crime scene. "Hundreds of meters later, they left and set the car on fire to destroy the evidence," it was announced at the time.

The woman came back and said: "They ran away."

In the videos published after the shooting in Kiev, Zvicer's wife, Tamara, can be seen holding a weapon pointed at the attackers...

During one conversation, Milović tells Zvicer that he was very lucky to have survived the attack, but also praises his wife's reaction.

"How did you train a woman, but the heart can't be trained, kudos to her... On the first day, everyone alive talked about you, how you reacted, and then you were no longer a topic, since then only she has been talked about, since the picture came out with a weapon", says Milović.

Zvicer admits that she surprised him too...

"I run into the bar and we meet at the door, right hand in my purse, she grabs my mouth and runs after them... Reko, where did she go, what is this, here she comes back and says: 'Runaway cunts'".

"Well, by God it's a wolf, I was really surprised. A miracle," says Milović.

Zvicer answers: "We were very lucky, because where my entrance was, there were two more... I kept it in my purse (gun) at the beginning of the bar, I couldn't follow them but I would have defended myself"...

Be careful what you say, so they don't sound the room

Milović advises the wounded Swiss to be careful what he says while he is recovering in the hospital.

"So that I don't appear to be smart, now listen to one conclusion, brother, pay attention to the voice messages, what you say, so that they don't sound in the rooms where they will transfer you"...

He adds that he writes messages to his wife about "sensitive" topics...

Zvicer, however, replies that on those days he only talks about wounds.

"I'm only mentioning the wounds now," sends the leader of the bar.

"How you reacted was the sun... How did we live until you opened your eyes... even though we all believed in you that you would endure," Milović sent him.

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