They seized 123 weapons in eight municipalities, four people were arrested, an illegal gun was also found with a police officer

"The implementation of today's action resulted in the largest seizure in one day, in one action, in the last two decades," said the assistant director of the Police Administration and head of the SBPOK, Lazar Šćepanović.

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Šćepanović, Photo: Jelena Jovanović
Šćepanović, Photo: Jelena Jovanović
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Ažurirano: 25.05.2024. 20:01h

Forty-seven-year-old Edin Barjaktarević from Plav, Srđan Gojković (36) from Beran and Barani Emrah Murić (36) and Edin Peković (41) were arrested in this morning's police operation, and they are suspected of illegal possession of weapons.

At Barjaktarević, the officers of the Department for the fight against crime, headed by Lazar Šćepanović, found 77 rifles, 24 pistols, a hand-held rocket launcher, a hand grenade, 4.234 pieces of ammunition... 39 bayonets and knives, 13 pieces of sabres.

In the action of the Sector for the fight against crime in the territory of Montenegro, 21 locations were searched, which are used by 18 people, and the Police Administration announced that today's seizure is a record in the last two decades.

At an extraordinary press conference, the assistant director of the Police Administration and the head of the SBPOK, Lazar Šćepanović, said that the officers of that sector, in synchronized, coordinated activities, in cooperation with the officers of the Regional Security Center "North" conducted searches at three locations in Bijelo Polje. six in Berane, three each in Plav and Andrijevica, one each in Rozaje and Gusinje, and two locations each in Podgorica and Bar.

He explained that the goal of that, months-long operation, was to find firearms in illegal possession.

"Activities were undertaken against 18 persons, and searches were carried out at 21 locations... 123 firearms of various types were found and confiscated, including automatic rifles, automatic pistols, mine explosives, weapon parts... About 9.000 pieces of different ammunition, four persons were deprived of their liberty and prosecuted, while criminal charges will be filed against three persons after the expert examinations.

He emphasized that one of the highlighted priorities of the Sector for the fight against crime, which was also defined by the Bureau for operational coordination of the intelligence and security sector bodies in the document Assessment of the threat of serious and organized crime SOCTA MNE 2021 - smuggling, sale, production, modification and abuse of weapons and explosives.

"Today's action resulted in the largest seizure in one day, in one action, in the last two decades, which confirms that the Department for Combating Crime undertakes continuous activities to suppress and detect the most serious crimes at all levels and according to all priorities Individually, of the total number of seized weapons, the largest amount of weapons was seized in Plav from the person of EB (1977), namely 103 firearms," ​​Šćepanović said.

He explained that, apart from a hand-held rocket launcher, a bomb, a bayonet, a saber and ammunition, they took away 13 automatic rifles, four semi-automatic rifles, 60 carbines and hunting weapons, seven automatic and 17 semi-automatic pistols, 20 rifle bolts, 16 frames for automatic rifle.

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photo: Jelena Jovanović

The police found and seized eight illegal weapons in Berane:

"With the person SG (1988) from Beran, five firearms in illegal possession, two pistols and three rifles (semi-automatic rifle caliber 7,62, rifle M48 caliber 7,9; rifle model M56 caliber 22 LR) and 55 pieces of ammunition of different caliber On the order of the ODT Berane, two firearms were found in the possession of I.Ć (1989), the owner of the legal entity "Infinity Defense Shop", a "Diamind Back" NATO revolver. caliber 5X56) and a total of 3880 pieces of hand-made ammunition of 9 mm caliber, which were confiscated by order of the ODT and submitted for evaluation and further decision-making. 1968 caliber pistol and 7,65 pieces of ammunition were found in the person of Lj.V. and LJ.D after the conducted expert examinations and legal qualification, the ODT follows the processing of them. In Rožaje, 9 pieces of ammunition were found on the person of AK (1981) as well as an object originating from the criminal part. A misdemeanor charge of ammunition will be filed against the named person, and a criminal charge of property crime will be filed for the found object originating from KD. In Podgorica, in the area of ​​Zeta, near PM (30), 1993 firearms and ammunition were found. In relation to the found pistol and rifle ammunition, criminal charges will be filed in the regular procedure, while in relation to the other items, the police will assess the existence of elements of a misdemeanor," Šćepanović said.

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photo: Jelena Jovanović

He pointed out that 10 firearms were found and confiscated in Bar...

"In the person of EP (1983) in illegal possession, nine firearms were found and seized, namely - two pistols, seven pieces of long-barreled weapons (hunting and small-caliber weapons), 468 pieces of different types of ammunition. The person of EP was deprived of his liberty. Also, on this occasion I emphasize that on the same day, in separate activities undertaken by OB Bar officials, a firearm in illegal possession was seized from a person EM from Bar, who is connected to a member of the OKG, namely an automatic rifle of the NN brand with two frames for the same and more acts of arms. EM's face is deprived of freedom," Šćepanović said.

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photo: Jelena Jovanović

He said that during 2024, the Police Directorate became a full member and was accepted into EUROPOL's analytical project "Weapons and Explosives".

"Officials of the Sector for the fight against crime resolutely, courageously and unreservedly continue the fight against all forms of crime, the effects of which the citizens of Montenegro will feel and witness in the coming period," Šćepanović said.

The head of the "North" regional police center, Haris Đurđević, said that today's action resulted in the historic seizure of weapons.

Haris Đurđevac
photo: Jelena Jovanović

He thanked all colleagues who participated in the action.

He said that they searched 17 locations in the area of ​​the "North" Regional Center.

He said that four returnees and the commission of criminal offenses and four persons of operational interest were treated.

Gojković was detained

The arrested Gojković was detained for 72 hours.

"According to the order of the Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Berane, the officers of the Berane OB Police Administration deprived one person /SG/ of his liberty due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that he committed a criminal offense - illegal possession and carrying of weapons and explosive substances. After the hearing, the suspect was sentenced to detention for up to 72 The suspect is accused of having unauthorized possession of a large amount of firearms and ammunition in his premises. The investigation is ongoing," announced the Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Berane.

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