Punish all the strong for teaching others: Kaluđerović teaches boss Zvicer while they are planning the murders of the skalars

A fugitive from Cetinje is writing six days after, on October 14, 2020, according to the SDT, the people of Kavka killed the skarner Damir Hodžić, his son-in-law Adis Spahić, and captured one of the leaders of that criminal organization, Milo Radulović, Captain

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I'm vain, not to paint Šklempa: Kaluđerović, Photo: Skaj/Vijesti
I'm vain, not to paint Šklempa: Kaluđerović, Photo: Skaj/Vijesti
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All strong allies must be punished, so that others don't get the idea to oppose us, taught the head of the Kavac criminal clan in the fall of 2020 Radoja Zvicer from Cetinje Nenad Neno Kaluđerović, while they were enumerating whom they should liquidate from the opposing Skaljar clan.

He sent him that message six days after, on October 14, 2020, according to the claims of the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT), a criminal group gathered around a resident of Kotoran killed a sklar Damir Hodžić, his son-in-law Adis Spahić, and captured one of the leaders of that criminal organization Milo Radulović, called Captain i General.

From the transcripts that the European Union Law Enforcement Agency (EUROPOL) provided to the Montenegrin investigators earlier, it follows that the people from Cetinje and Kotor had been planning crimes together for months, but also that the clan had a strong foothold in the capital of Montenegro.

Kaluđerović and Zvicer regularly talked about some of the associates, as well as what they did for the account of Kavčan, and in that context they also mention the now deceased man from Cetinje, whose identity is known to the "Vijesti" editorial office, and who used a nickname on the once protected application brdo, but also Kaluđerović's close relative hidden behind a nickname Top.

He also explains to him who he "involved" in their criminal business when they executed the kidnapped Radulović and that Brdo was not on the field that day:

"I didn't even include him for the implementation of the General. Just me and my brother. Because my brother cleaned me and them".

Special prosecutors claim that Kaluđerović first "cleared" the way for the members of the Kavački clan while they were transporting the abducted skalar Milo Radulović from Spuž to Kotor, and then taught one of the leaders of that criminal group. Slobodan Kašćelan, how to get rid of the corpses of previously killed Baran Hodžić and Spahić.

This is stated in the indictment filed against 31 members of that criminal group, which, according to the investigators, was formed by Radoje Zvicer.


Transcripts of thousands of exchanged messages show that during one of the conversations, Kaluđerović and Zvicer agreed on how and with whom of the Cetinje skalgars that Brdo should install GPS in the cars, but also revealed that they were behind the murder of two members of the clan he was the head of at the time. Jovan Vukotic - one committed in Turkey and the other in Spain.

They discuss this after Brdo informs Kaluđerović, as he wrote, that it is already known in Prijestonica "that we blew up Rist and Jović or Jovović...".

Zviter explains to him that "they messed with I joke (Jovan Jovanovic prim. aut.)", but also states - "Brdo does not like Rila (Rista Mijanović prim. aut.).

"Don't worry, Brdo is ours to the core, but I didn't tell him because of Maler... Brdo doesn't like any of them, he would be happy, the happiest, if they were all at the table. But I'm vain, so I don't paint Snapper (Jovan Vukotić's editor's note) that's why I didn't say anything," writes Kaluđerović on November 12, 2020.

On the same day, they state that it is in their favor that their rivals from the Skaljar clan suspect Radulović of setting up Mijanović, whose nickname on the protected application was Goti and Jovanović, as they call him Tsunami.

“I heard from I'm losing weight. He knows about Gotti and Tsunami. He says we caught Gotti and he was whining and he set up Tsunami. And that Goti is in two suitcases, and Tsunami is in one. It's a good story for us because of the General," Kaluđerović sends.

Kotoran explains to him that the police already know this: "They took off the measures...".

During that period, Zvicer's team held Radulović captive and, on his behalf, on a once-protected application, trapped members of the Baranin clan.


In the middle of November 2020, a man from Cetinje informs the head of the clan that the police in the area of ​​Cetinje are removing footage from surveillance cameras, so they are consulting whether he should delete what he recorded in his surveillance video in the previous period, because they suspect that it may have something to do with the kidnapping of Radulović .

"How long has the General been with us? I'm asking because of the camera, to see if I'll let it wipe itself, or have it wiped for me? Is there a moon?" he asks and explains that "last night the police took down the cameras...".

After receiving the answer that "it's been about a month", he states that after that period the recordings are deleted by themselves...

According to the evidence provided by Europol, Kaluđerović received photos of the cars used by the scumbags living in the capital from a now-deceased fellow citizen, whose identity he reveals himself during one of the conversations, and who used the Brdo account on the Sky application, and forwarded them to Switzerland...

In addition to the photographed cars, he also sent him photos of his fellow citizens whom he suspected of being loyal to the skalars...

Terrifying, months-long correspondence during which they plan murders and how to hide the traces of their own crimes by burning corpses, are often interrupted by a story about the political situation in the country, counting good and bad Montenegrins, agreements on the establishment of the comity movement, erecting memorials, political actions...

According to SDT, the Cetinje native is one of the members of Switzerland's thirty-one-member criminal group, which is responsible for several murders. Both are on the run.

Prosecutors claim that members of Zvicer's criminal organization, in addition to Kaluđerović and Kašćelan, also became Milan Vujotić, Veljko Belivuk, Marko Miljkovic, Stevan Kraljevic, Vladimir Vuckovic, Radoje Zivkovic, Dragan Knezevic, Ratko Zivkovic, Nebojsa Jankovic, Darko Prelevic, Davor Perovic, Blagoje Gasic, Dejan Gasic, Niksa Perovic, Miloš Radonjić, Petar Đurović, Rade Garovic, Mersudin Čalakovic, Marko Kilibarda, Aleksandar Paunović, Nikola Spasojevic, Radovan Mujović, Milan Knezevic, Aleksandar Dragićević, Zoran Kažić, Aleksandar Ljumović, Borko Besovic i Bojan Besovic.

The indictment clearly states everyone's roles in the triple murder. Although Kaluđerović clearly writes who helped him, that person is not included in the SDT indictment.

Several indictments were filed against the Swiss.

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