"We have personally convinced ourselves that Montenegro is the perfect digital nomad base"

Digital nomads are people who work in a country other than their country of residence, and use digital technologies and the possibility of working remotely

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
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Montenegro is an excellent base for digital nomads, taking into account the country's strategic position, cost of living and communication infrastructure, according to blogger couple Kach and Jonathan Howe.

"We have personally convinced ourselves that Montenegro is the perfect digital nomad base, because it has everything that any digital nomad could look for in a home base, be it temporary or permanent. The relative cost of living is very low compared to other parts of Europe, North America, Australia and others," said Kach and Jonathan Howe to the Mina-business agency.

Digital nomads are people who work in a country other than their country of residence, and use digital technologies and the possibility of working remotely.

They work in various fields, such as programming, digital marketing, video games, cryptocurrencies, teaching, writing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and graphic design.

The Howe couple, Filipina Kach and Englishman Jonathan, came to Montenegro for the first time in November 2017, at the invitation of the Herceg Novi Tourism Organization, to write about the experience of Herceg Novi in ​​the winter months.

In an article for Forbes magazine, Herceg Novi was presented as one of the world's best destinations, which you must visit.

They visited Montenegro again in August 2018, when they experienced the best summer activities, such as diving, paragliding and others.

"We returned to Herceg Novi last year, where we were guests at the first sailing regatta at the invitation of the local tourist organization," said Kach and Jonathan, adding that they then decided to stay longer and then buy a house in Bijela, from where they now organize their jobs.

They announced that, after seven years of traveling the world and 143 countries they visited as digital nomads, they finally found a place where they want to settle down.

"One of the most important points that ruled in our case is the fact that the real estate market here is much cheaper than Great Britain and other parts of Europe," said Kach and Jonathan.

The Howe couple, who write about their travels on two blogs - Two Monkeys Travel and Mr and Mrs Howe Sailing Blog, said that they were particularly impressed by the Montenegrin way of life, as well as the generally positive mood of all the people they met.

"There is no place that is completely ideal for living, but we believe that people here really know how to enjoy themselves," they stated.

Also, they state that despite the fact that they have heard a lot of complaints about internet services in Montenegro, they have a positive experience.

"This is the first country where we found 500 gigabytes (GB) of fast 4G internet at a price of only ten euros. For years, we have been paying much more for much less internet," said the Howe couple.

When asked if it is possible to record the number of digital nomads living and working in Montenegro, Kach and Jonathan answered that it is currently not possible to say with precision, but that there is an active and growing online community of people working from Montenegro.

"We created the Facebook group Montenegro Digital Nomads and the website montenegrodigitalnomad.com, in order to raise awareness of Montenegro as a base for online work among the digital nomad community. Honestly, we were amazed by the reaction of the people, which was phenomenal. Over 300 new members have asked for advice on how to move here," Kach and Jonathan said.

They believe that, when it comes to digital nomads, Montenegro has an advantage in a strategic position compared to other countries.

"Lastly, but not least, the natural beauty of Montenegro is just one more reason why we believe we will attract more digital nomads, and therefore tourists", added Kach and Jonathan.

When asked if there is anything they would change in Montenegro, the Howe couple answered that nothing interferes with their work or lifestyle.

However, they believe that some simple changes could be made, which would help Montenegro attract many more digital nomads, who would "transfer" their experiences and businesses here.

"The current visa rules allow many people to visit Montenegro for up to 90 days without a visa. In order to stay longer, the only option is to apply for annual temporary residence by purchasing property or establishing a company. This is a very big step forward for many digital nomads and they are more likely to simply move on to the next destination," said Kach and Jonathan.

If, as they believe, Montenegro would introduce an annual digital nomad visa, then those who work online and who can support themselves financially in this way could stay here for a whole year.

"The advantages are obvious. In Montenegro, they would spend the money they earned abroad, by renting real estate and cars, buying food, booking tours and the like", claims the Howe couple.

They expect that the payment system in Montenegro will improve, accepting Paypal, TransferWise and other payment methods.

"We believe that the combined results of such a strategy would make Montenegro a new European digital hub", concluded Kach and Jonathan.

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