They did not submit invoices for pensioners' apartments for 7,5 million

The Association of Pensioners Nikšić received 2,2 million euros, but they did not send the Fund even the most basic data on the spending of that state money. The apartments were divided according to decisions that were challenged by the courts

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The building with the most disputes, for which the PIO Fund did not receive documentation: Start of construction of a building for pensioners in Nikšić in 2017, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
The building with the most disputes, for which the PIO Fund did not receive documentation: Start of construction of a building for pensioners in Nikšić in 2017, Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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In the past seven years, associations of pensioners have received 7,5 million euros for the construction of apartments for pensioners who are tenants, without informing the PIO Fund and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare about the spending of this money at all or only partially, while most of the apartments are under various disputes due to lawsuits , or it has already been resold and given away.

This is shown by the data of the PIO Fund and the former commission of that institution, which discovered the misuse of state money received by the Union of Pensioners and its associations in recent years. This data was submitted to the Pensioners' Movement, a new non-governmental organization that brings together pensioners.

This year, the PIO Fund suspended the payment of EUR 900 to pensioners' associations for housing construction due to the discovery of numerous irregularities, and as a result, the associations did not provide them with the requested data. The report of the PIO Fund commission, which revealed irregularities in the spending of state money for housing construction and payment of social assistance, was submitted in June to the state prosecutor's office, which launched an investigation.

The Association of Pensioners Nikšić received the most money for housing construction in recent years, 2,2 million euros, of which 734 million from the PIO Fund and XNUMX from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. This association did not submit a single document about the construction of those apartments, despite the requests of the PIO Fund administration and the commission that examined the spending of state money. Because of this, the commission could not even evaluate the correctness and legality of the work of that association.

This association received a free plot of land from the Municipality of Nikšić as well as other assistance during construction, but its amount is unknown.

According to the private lawsuits of those who were on the ranking lists and did not receive the keys, the division of even 71 of the 75 built apartments in the building in Nikšić's Rudo Polje settlement was disputed, while in one verdict the court disputed 44 points.

The Association of Pensioners of Podgorica received two million euros, of which 1,24 million from the PIO Fund and 775 thousand from the Ministry. They also received the plot and a significant part of the aid, including money, from the administration of the Capital City, but this value is unknown.

This association submitted partial documentation to the commission, on the basis of which numerous irregularities were determined. The most significant irregularity is that the annexes to the basic contract, which was on a turnkey basis, increased construction costs, while the contractor's obligations were reduced or allowed to reduce the quality of construction and built-in woodwork and installations.

Also, the rulebook on ranking was not respected, which is why numerous lawsuits were initiated, at least two of which became legally binding court decisions demanding that the association change its decisions on the allocation of apartments. Almost a third of the apartments were sold or given away after construction, and 30 studio apartments were leased to pensioners at a price of one euro per square meter. Upon inspection of the real estate certificate, the commission determined that the ownership rights of third parties were registered on those studio apartments.

The association of pensioners from Bar received 930 thousand euros for housing construction, from Bijelo Polje 423 thousand, from Cetinje 330 thousand, from Pljevlja 302 thousand, Danilovgrad 147 thousand, Beran 120 thousand, Žabljak 95 thousand, Rožaj 91 thousand, and the Union of Pensioners for others municipalities a total of 632 thousand euros.

The municipality stated that the associations of pensioners in Podgorica, Nikšić, Cetinje, Bar and Danilovgrad, as non-governmental organizations, were not registered to perform economic activities and were engaged in the construction of residential buildings, which is a criminal offense. Fictitious contracts with contractors and compensations, which reduced VAT payment obligations, are also disputed.

Due to the disorganized and passive attitude of the Association of Pensioners from Mojkovac, the amount of 100 thousand euros was returned from this association based on the conclusion, which will be used to build apartments organized by the Fund and according to the Law on Social Housing.

Due to the initiation of the investigation and suspension of payments of state money to the Association of Pensioners, part of the management of this organization launched a campaign against Director Aligrudić, demanding his dismissal.

In four years, 2,4 million euros from the membership fee

The pensioners' movement asked the PIO Fund that they receive membership fees for their members, however, the legality of the Fund's actions since 2004, when it automatically refused membership fees to all in favor of the Association of Pensioners, is also questionable. At that time, he was the director of the PIO Fund Radoje Žugić. Later in 2009, he signed an Agreement with the Union of Pensioners on the collection of membership fees based on the lists of members, but that agreement was never filed with the Fund.

The pensioners' movement asked the director of the PIO Fund, Ranko Aligrudić, on the basis of which act the Professional Service of the Fund collects membership fees for the Union of Pensioners.

Aligrudić replied that the Fund is not in possession of the document on the basis of which the membership fee is calculated and that they requested it from the Association of Pensioners.

According to his answer, membership fees were received for 90.327 pensioners in July, and in the past four years, the Association received 2,4 million euros based on membership fees.

The pensioners' movement also asked how much money pensioners' associations received from the sale of apartments, and Aligrudić replied that the PIO Fund does not have such data because it was not provided to him.

Pensioners received 9,5 million in aid last year and this year without intermediaries

Last year and this year, in cooperation with the Government, the PIO Fund paid out nine and a half million euros for one-time assistance to pensioners with the lowest incomes. This assistance was paid directly together with the pension in the amounts of 50 to 100 euros, depending on the amount of the pension, and not through the mediation of the pensioners' association.

In the four previous years, the PIO Fund paid pensioners only 2,1 million euros, namely 2020 thousand in 939, 2019 thousand in 600 and 300 thousand in 2017 and 2018.

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