Damjanović sends an inspection to check the crypto machine in Tivat

The Minister of Finance asked the Revenue Administration to inspect the "Salon Prive" facility.

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Damjanović, Photo: SAVO PRELEVIC
Damjanović, Photo: SAVO PRELEVIC
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Minister of Finance Aleksandar Damjanović yesterday ordered the Revenue and Customs Administration (UPC) to carry out an inspection of the facilities "Salon Prive" in Tivat, where the members of the Department for Suppression of Economic Crime, after the inspection, found a crypto machine used for currency trading in Montenegro.

"Bearing in mind the above, it is necessary that from the aspect of the jurisdiction of the UPC, which you manage, carry out control in the designated facility in accordance with the applicable regulations and that you inform the ministry about the activities undertaken without delay," stated Damjanović in a letter to the UPC director. Vladimir Bulajić.

Damjanović first informed the public that this device is located in Tivat last week at a press conference.

"We were informed that there is a crypto machine in the municipality of Tivat that is used for cryptocurrency trading. We know that there is no legal basis for conducting cryptocurrency trading in Montenegro and that everything related to possible trading through that device is illegal. A detailed control and supervision of that platform in Tivat will be carried out, to determine when it was installed, who used it, etc.," he said at the press conference.

The minister said that this cryptocurrency is associated with George Cottrell, whom the leader of the Movement for Change (PZP) Nebojša Medojević called "one of the financiers of Brexit, who was arrested in the USA and accused of money laundering through cryptocurrencies, but who also lives in Montenegro and that he "gave Milojko Spajić money for the PES campaign".

"Vijesti" announced yesterday from unofficial sources that he is British George Cottrell flew two nights ago on a private plane from Tivat airport to London, but at the border crossing he showed the police a passport that stated his name George Co.

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June 13, 2023

Cottrell flew to London under the name Co

The "Vijesti" source claims that Cottrell entered Montenegro for the last time on February 1, 2023, and that he previously crossed the state border about fifteen times in the last few years with a passport in the name of George Co.

With the same passport, in January 2020, in Montenegro, Cottrell founded the company "Private family office", based in Tivat.

Lawyer Ratko Pantović said that the crypto machine is not Kotrelov's but the property of the company "Global Trust Limited" and that it was set up in June 2022. He also said that it is incorrect that his client crossed the border with a fake passport.

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