Fuel cheaper by two to seven cents

From midnight, Super 98 will cost 1,55 euros, Super 95 1,51 euros, diesel 1,48 euros, and fuel oil 1,44 euros

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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

From Tuesday, all types of fuel will be cheaper, the Ministry of Energy and Mining announced.

Super 98 will be cheaper by two cents to 1,55 euros, as well as super 95, which will cost 14 euros for the next 1,51 days.

Diesel will be cheaper by seven cents to 1,48 euros.

Also, the price of fuel oil will be lower by seven cents, which will cost 1,44 euros from midnight.

"According to the provisions of the Regulation on the manner and amount of the elements on the basis of which the maximum prices of oil derivatives are formed ("Official Gazette of Montenegro", number 23/2021), the next calculation will be carried out on December 04, and any changed prices of oil derivatives will be valid from December 05, 2023 . year", it was stated from the Ministry of Energy and Mining.

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