Metal workers' protest due to the government's refusal

A group of 80 workers, who previously could not retire, expects the support of MPs to protest in front of the Ministry and the Assembly on Monday and Tuesday.

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Pensions for this group would amount to 400 thousand per year: from one of the earlier protests, Photo: Boris Pejovic
Pensions for this group would amount to 400 thousand per year: from one of the earlier protests, Photo: Boris Pejovic
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A group of former workers of the mining and metal complex announced that on Monday and Tuesday they will organize protests in front of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the Assembly because the Government has judged that the proposed changes to the Pension and Disability Insurance Act (PIO Act) should not be accepted.

Amendments to this law would enable retirement for a group of 80 workers who lost their jobs due to the cessation of production in their factories and mines through no fault of the workers. Amendments to this law have now been proposed by a member of the SNP Bogdan Božović, and he was adopted at the beginning of this year, but the then president Milo Djukanovic he did not sign due to the dissolution of the assembly.

Similar legal solutions were in force in previous years, when about six thousand workers used them, but this last group could not use them then. They can't find a job now, but they can't retire either.

If the proposed changes were adopted, they could retire with 25 years of service or at least 15 years spent in workplaces, for which service is counted with increased duration.

In its explanation, the government stated that it is against the proposal because it would privilege workers from this sector compared to others and because it would represent an additional expense for the budget.

"So far, more than 6.000 workers have retired on favorable terms from the Ironworks, the Aluminum Plant, the Bauxite Mine and other companies from the metal complex, since the problems in these companies arose. It is not clear to us why and for what reason this government makes this decision. The law was adopted by the previous parliamentary majority, but was not signed by the then president. It is about 80 workers who spent their working life working in the most difficult conditions", said the representative of this group of workers to "Vijesta". Zeljko Perunicic.

He states that the payment of all salaries for this group would cost around 400 euros per year.

"That's why we believe that there is money, but there is no will. And now we have the support of the former parliamentary majority. President of the country Jakov Milatovic has publicly said that he will help as much as he can from the position of the president so that the law that has been passed comes to life and finds itself in legal life. That's why nothing is clear to us, and in fact everything is clear to us", said Peruničić.

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