Three recognized experts will be in the Board of Directors of Elektroprivreda

The new Board of Directors of the state energy company should be appointed this session

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Photo: Biljana Matijašević
Photo: Biljana Matijašević
Disclaimer: The translations are mostly done through AI translator and might not be 100% accurate.

In the new Board of Directors of the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG), political candidates will be: Milutin Đukanović from the coalition "For the Future of Montenegro", Tahir Đonbaljaj from the Democratic Alliance of Albanians, Neven Gošović from the Democrats and Radovan Bijelić from the Europe Now Movement.

As experts, professors Jovica Milanović, Vladimir Katic and Zoran Miljanić will join the board.

This was confirmed unofficially by the "News" from sources from the Government and the state energy company.

Milanović, as explained by the "Vijesti" source, is from Manchester and is the biggest European name in the field of power systems. Katić comes from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and is the creator and implementer of the first wind and solar power plants in Serbia, while Miljanić comes from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica.

At this week's session, the government should propose to the EPCG Assembly to elect this composition of the Board of Directors.

Extraordinary Assembly of shareholders of EPCG for Friday, February 23.

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