The workers of the metal mining sector are seeking the help of Spajić for retirement

The workers of the metal mining sector are asking for payment of part of the benefited working experience. They send the letter to the Prime Minister and the President of the State

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From one of the workers' earlier protests, Photo: Boris Pejović
From one of the workers' earlier protests, Photo: Boris Pejović
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The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MRSS) does not understand the problems of 50 former workers in the metal and mining sector, who have not yet been paid part of their beneficial service, which is why they cannot retire. That is why the Trade Union of this sector is asking for a meeting with Prime Minister Milojko Spajić in order to jointly find a solution.

This is the essence of the letter that this union will deliver to Spajić today, and a similar document will be sent to the address of the President of the State, Jakov Milatović. In the letter, which "Vijesti" had access to, it is stated that this group of workers cannot yet retire because two months after the adoption of the necessary laws, they have not yet been paid for the missing benefits.

Norms that made it easier to retire were previously used when workers of the Podgorica Aluminum Plant (KAP), Ironworks, Bauxite Mine, Metalac lost their jobs due to the closure of the company or production... Similar legal solutions were in force in the past years, when used about six thousand workers, but then this last group could not use them. With the adopted amendments to the law, they can retire with 25 years of service or at least 15 years spent in workplaces, for which service is counted with increased duration.

After the missing part of the benefited internship was not paid, on Monday, part of the workers gathered in front of the MRSS building and demanded a meeting with the head of that department, Naida Nišić, in order to present her problems and find solutions. Nišić did not receive them that day. The representative of the workers, Željko Peruničić, told "Vijesta" that the lex specialis for their retirement was adopted at the end of 2023, but that they do not know why they are waiting for the remaining steps. He explained that this law has a limited duration and that the procedures must be accelerated, because they do not know whether they will be entitled to a pension until the problem is resolved.

In the letter, the union reminded that the Government, the Labor Fund and the representatives of the former employees of KAP, on July 4, 2022, concluded the Framework Agreement on the regulation of mutual relations regarding insurance tenure with increased duration. According to that agreement, it was prescribed that the former employees were employed in workplaces where seniority is counted with increased duration until July 2013, that is, until the opening of bankruptcy in KAP. After the initiation of bankruptcy, they continued to work in those positions, which, they claim, is proven by the confirmation of the bankruptcy trustee, i.e. the Commercial Court, which is why the Government agrees that the former employees, based on that work, should be given seniority with an increased duration and pay additional contributions, it would be easy to retired.

They pointed out that at the end of 2023, the new Law on Pension and Disability Insurance (PIO) entered into force, which included new provisions (Article 17 paragraph 4 and Article 197n) that are crucial for the realization of the right to an old-age pension for insured persons from the metal processing and mining industry, and that the Trade Union at MRSS initiated the re-conclusion of the Framework Agreement.

"That agreement would enable the realization of the right to an old-age pension for insured persons from the metal processing and mining industry sector, under the conditions prescribed by the new Law on PIO, by paying contributions for insurance experience with an increased duration in the amount necessary to realize the said right, and where the minimum wage in Montenegro was the basis for payment of the insurance period with an increased duration," the memo reads.

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