Former bauxite mine workers blocked the mine in Seoci, tomorrow they will meet with Mujović

Former workers have been asking for their claims to be paid for years. About three million euros are owed to about 560 workers on various grounds

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Photo: Svetlana Mandić
Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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The former workers of the bauxite mine blocked the mine in Seoci, Župa Nikšićka, and, as they said, they will not allow the exploitation of ore even from the Štitovo mine, until, as they said, the issue of property and payment of their claims is resolved. According to them, about three million euros are owed for 560 workers, on various grounds, and there are also about 80 workers who have temporary pensions because they still have no work experience.

Tomorrow in Podgorica, they will meet with the Minister of Energy and Mining Saša Mujović.

"Is there any politician in Montenegro who is currently in the government to put an end to Bauxite. We can collect for years, but we cannot live for 200 years. Bauxite seems to never end," said the representative of former miners Rašo Čivović.

As he pointed out, they have been waiting for the payment of claims for more than ten years.

"Some are owed salaries, some are owed winter pay, some are entitled to holiday pay, some have no work experience. There is no production, until the property is sold, until the money comes in," Čivović said.

He reminded that it was determined that around 17.000 square meters of land in Seoci, including the administrative building at the mine, was not privatized, and this, they said, was confirmed by the current bankruptcy administrator of Boksita, Nenad Amidžić.

The company's bankruptcy estate also includes the administration building in Nikšić, and according to Čivović, "the damage to the workers was done by the bankruptcy trustees".

“This plot is ours. The bankruptcy administration can sell it and pay our claims and the Bauxite story will finally end. The decision for the resulting damage, related to the city administration, has become final in favor of the workers. The damage was in the amount of 890.000. The bankruptcy trustees deliberately caused damage in order to give money to the Hungarian company 'Vagon Impex'. It is pure corruption. It is the responsibility of the state authorities, and above all the bankruptcy administration, to compensate for the resulting damage," emphasized Čivović.

He warned that "Lidl", which bought the Bauxite administration building and the land around it, cannot carry out work until their issue is resolved, otherwise he announced workers' gatherings.

The issue of union wages, which is also one of the unresolved issues, is, according to Čivović, with the Special Prosecutor's Office. but Čivović emphasizes that this "case"

"The plot has an owner, but the case has not been resolved yet. The first special prosecutor, who has since been suspended, kept that case in a drawer since 2017. Now the issue of union wages has been taken over by a new special prosecutor, and we expect a quick response from her," Čivović said.

This time, as they said, they are expecting a call from the authorities because they have approached them "a thousand times" over the last ten years, but to no avail.

"I will not write them letters because I have written them a lot, over a thousand letters. Not to mention those earlier letters, but from these new ones, Momo Koprivica promised to receive us in the 11th month and nothing. I have the same letter from the Minister of Justice, who said that his jurisdiction is not the questions that I asked. So much for the competent institutions... I had only one conversation with the secretaries of the Minister of Mining, Saša Mujović, and one of them called me in while the receiver was in their office. I said that this has been going on since 2013, and the secretary told me that she was in elementary school at the time," Čivović pointed out.

blockade mining Seoci
photo: Svetlana Mandić

The workers tried to enter the area of ​​the Seoca mine, but the security did not allow them, but only let in two representatives who spoke with the representative of the company "Zeta Mine", a subcontractor on the mine, and informed him that there would be no production at the mentioned mine until their the situation does not resolve.

The former miners called on colleagues who have claims from the bankruptcy estate to join them in blocking the mine. They said that they will make lists of those who will come, as well as that all those who will not come will have to fight for their rights themselves.

They informed the police about the blockade, as well as "Uniprom Metali" and the Turkish company "Zeta Mine".

The Bauxite property from bankruptcy was bought by Veselin Pejović's company "Uniprom Metali", and the production in Seoci and Štitovo is organized with subcontractors.

Bankruptcy was introduced in Bauxite in 2013.

blockade mining Seoci
photo: Svetlana Mandić

Amidžić: We are waiting for the harmonization of the data to know what belongs to Bauxite in bankruptcy

According to bankruptcy administrator Nenad Amidžić, the property at the Seoca mine is owned by Bauxit in bankruptcy, but the geometrical report, which was made in agreement with Unipro metali, showed a discrepancy between the numbers and graphics.

"After the geodetic report, a significant difference in the areas of the parcels was determined. With that, we submitted a request to the Cadastre Administration to carry out a comparison of numerical and graphic data, i.e. for the cadastre to precisely list the areas that belong to Bauxites in bankruptcy. We are waiting for the procedure to be completed and that we know exactly what belongs to the bankruptcy estate. My further obligation is to carry out an assessment of the property and after that to announce the sale. I also informed the former employees of Boksit with all these details", said Amidžić and added that after receiving the decision, he will announce within a month tender for the sale of property.

He pointed out that bankruptcy proceedings do not recognize the institution of a strike.

"I explained to people, as far as the procedure is concerned, and my reorganization activity in bankruptcy is completely transparent, so they are familiar with everything," Amidžić said.

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