Masoničić, President of the Board of Directors of "Luke Bar"

Masoničić said that he believes that together with all the members of the board and the executive management, they will justify "the great expectations that the public has of them".

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Masoničić, Photo: Private archive
Masoničić, Photo: Private archive
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Dušan Masoničić (Democrat) was unanimously elected president of the Board of Directors of the "Luke Bar" company, at today's constitutive session of that body, while Nikola Vojvodić was elected deputy president.

The newly appointed Board of Directors of that company also includes: Milan Polović, Sava Ašanin and Milutin Lakićević.

"After assuming office, the Board of Directors at the session got acquainted with the current business, the results from the previous year, as well as with the projection of the company's development in the future period. The continuity of the positive and homely management of the Port of Bar will be continued, and certainly improved with new knowledge and ideas," he says. in the announcement.

Masoničić, they add, expressed his gratitude to the board members for the trust shown and at the same time pointed out that this represents a great honor and responsibility for him, as well as that he believes that, together with all the board members and the executive management, he will justify "the great expectations that the public has of them".

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