They have been waiting for justice for almost three decades

The association of former employees of the former Bjelopolje transport company is demanding an immediate reception from the prime minister and they state that 246 of the 121 workers are now alive, that they had several meetings at the municipal level, but that the problem can only be solved by the government

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From one of the earlier protests, Photo: Correspondent
From one of the earlier protests, Photo: Correspondent
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The association of former employees in the liquidated companies "Robni sabraboj", "Grand komerc", "Božidar Vlahović" and "Putni prevoz Bijelo Polje" sent a request for admission to the Prime Minister Milojko Spajić, because of the rights they cannot realize for several decades.

They point out that 246 of the 121 workers are now alive, and that the rest have not received justice.

In the request of the Association of which he is a representative Tomislav Bojović, which is represented by an attorney Radovan Obradović, former employees seek admission in order to find a solution to the decades-long problem of former employees in liquidated companies. As they explained in the letter to the Prime Minister, that association is the legal successor of the company RO "Transservis" Bijelo Polje, which had the property right on cadastral plot number 74/2, with an area of ​​61.420 square meters.

"This RO acquired the right of ownership of the subject immovable property through a legal transaction, that is, through a contract of sale concluded by it on December 5.12.1980, 4.299.400. year with the seller Poljokombinat "Bjelasica", OOUR "Poljoprodukt". After paying the purchase price of XNUMX dinars, RO "Transservis" was registered with the Real Estate Administration of PJ Bijelo Polje in the aforementioned title deed as the owner - holder of the plot and entered into possession of this land, and used this right to its full extent for many years undisturbed. ", they state in a letter to the Prime Minister.

However, they further explain that after the passing of the Law on Restitution of Agricultural Land, the former owners, i.e. their legal successors of part of the land, initiated proceedings with the Real Estate Administration, the Ministry of Finance and the competent courts, and these proceedings, which have lasted for decades, amount to ten, and the total area of ​​land whose restitution they are looking for about 1,4 hectares, and part of the property has even been returned to some, although the former owners voluntarily sold their property, and there are sales contracts about it.

"In the meantime, the property in question has been registered in the title deed number 532 KO Nedakusi in the name of the co-owners: PIO Fund, Employment Agency, IRF and the Association of former employees in the liquidated companies 'Robni sabrojc', 'Grand komerc', 'Božidar Vlahović' and ' Road transport Bijelo Polje'. Given that it is a co-ownership, the property in question cannot be disposed of until the physical division of the same is carried out and if all the co-owners do not agree to the sale and if the issue of restitution with the former owners is not resolved, so this property, i.e. . land that is located in an excellent location next to the highway, not far from the city center and whose value is high, it has been trapped and unused for decades, as it were", according to the Association.

The workers propose a solution when it comes to the submitted requests for the return of the land to the former owners, which procedures last for decades, i.e. in order to carry out the physical division of this property, for which there are already interested buyers and so that "finally the disenfranchised workers, i.e. those who built this country, and who are now living on the brink of poverty due to the freak privatization process that left tens of thousands of workers jobless, benefited from their hard-earned wealth."

"There are businessmen, potential buyers who would buy that land and use it in the right way. They would open new jobs and pay all obligations to the state, which means that the workers, that is, their family members, would receive a certain compensation that would be very significant for them, and this would be exactly in line with the Government's plans to bring in investors and invest in Montenegro, of course in a legal, public, transparent way. We especially point out that it would be desirable, if you receive us for an interview, for representatives of the PIO Fund, the Employment Agency and the Investment Development Fund to be present in order to solve this problem together, and they are also very interested in it", the Association states.

They note that they have had several meetings at the local self-government level, but that the issue can only be resolved by the Government, and that is why they are asking for an urgent meeting.

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