Not so common suggestions: Organizers are looking for bigger cube controls

Gambling companies and their associations are seeking the introduction of new provisions to protect minors and reduce the risk of addiction

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The new law on games of chance should introduce additional norms and restrictions in order to prevent the participation of minors and drug addicts, arrange for the cadastre to measure the distance from the place where games of chance are held to educational institutions and specify the method of measurement, introduce restrictions on the advertising of games of chance, oblige all organizers to submit audit reports, review the current method of issuing a winning certificate in order to prevent its use in justifying illegal income, additional restrictions should be introduced for the work of organizers of online games of chance,...

These are some of the proposals that the organizers of the games of chance themselves requested to be included in the new law on games of chance.

On April 12, the Ministry of Finance announced a public invitation to the interested public to participate in the preparatory phase of drafting the new law with their proposals and initiatives. Proposals about newspapers that should be included in the law were sent by three organizers "Meridianbet", casino Maestral and "Vesuv", as well as two associations of organizers LIGA and UPIS.

In the invitation, the Ministry stated that the current Law on Games of Chance was adopted in 2004, that since then it has only been partially amended, but that it is basically outdated and that it is necessary to prepare a completely new law.

The associations LIGA and UPIS requested the formation of a working group for the preparation of the draft law and to have representatives in that working group, while the organizers had specific proposals for amending the law.

The largest Montenegrin organizer company "Vezuv" had the most proposals. They state that the current law stipulates that the space for organizing games of chance cannot be at a distance of less than 250 meters from educational institutions, but not how this distance is measured, which is why there are different practices in application. This organizer states that in neighboring countries a distance norm of 200 meters is applied, but that it is precisely stated how this distance is measured, which is why they propose that it be the "shortest safe pedestrian route" from the entrance to the school to the entrance to the facilities for organizing games of chance. "Meridianbet" suggests that this distance be measured by the cadastre.

"The binding law on games of chance does not contain provisions concerning the socially responsible organization and measures for the protection of minors in the sense of the appropriate emphasis on the prohibition of the participation of minors in games of chance, as well as measures to prevent addiction to gambling and betting, with a clearly specified method of implementation those measures", it was stated in the "Vesuvius" proposal.

For this reason, they propose that the new law defines measures for the responsible organization of games of chance, the obligation to emphasize the prohibition of participation by minors, as well as measures for the prevention of addiction.

This organizer also proposes the introduction of self-regulation in order to prevent addiction, so that the addict could be excluded from the system of games of chance or limit the amount of daily, weekly or monthly stakes for betting.

"Vesuvius" proposes that advertisements emphasize the ban on playing for minors, that advertisements cannot be published in contents intended for minors, that advertising of foreign organizers be prohibited in the media visible on the territory of Montenegro, that advertisements be placed on the organizer's vehicles be restricted, advertising prohibited on billboards along highways and other roads,...

"The common interest of both the state and the organizer, as well as all participants in games of chance and interested parties, is that the activity of organizing games of chance is carried out within the framework of clearly defined rules and norms, which will ensure the proper protection of minors and the prevention of addictive diseases and in this way, to reduce the harmful consequences of uncontrolled gaming, and on the other hand, to enable the organizers, as partners of the state in organizing games of chance, to perform this legally prescribed activity without constant pressure and discrimination in relation to other businessmen, in compliance with the clearly prescribed rules", they stated between the rest from "Vesuvius".

They also suggest that the organizer gets a concession for the activity and that he gets a license for each separate betting shop, and not that he gets a new concession for each separate betting site.

They also request that the conditions for organizers of online games of chance be tightened, by defining the minimum number of branches that must have and the number of workers employed in Montenegro, they also request that the conditions for payments and withdrawals of money to players' accounts via payment cards be equalized or in the organizer's facilities,...

"Meridianbet" proposes, among other things, to enable a safe and controlled method of electronic payment of money to players' accounts, as other companies engaged in other activities have.

They request that all organizers, regardless of size, be obliged to submit an audit report, so that there is a possibility of additional control of small organizers and prevention of money laundering.

"Maestral" seeks measures against money laundering in casinos

One of the proposals of "Maestral" is to review the current method and meaning of issuing profit certificates due to possible abuses.

The current legal norm is that the casino must keep data on players who deposit or are paid sums over 15.000 euros. At the player's request, they can issue a certificate of winnings over 1.000 euros.

For example, a player can bring a sum of 14.999 euros, without control, and buy chips, and a few hours later bring those chips and take the same money, but with a confirmation that he won that money on the dice. He can repeat this several times and legalize a significant amount of money.

In its proposal, the casino cites an example where a player can receive a thousand or more euros and take a receipt, then continue to gamble with the same money and use the receipt to justify other illegal income.

They state that the first casino in Montenegro was opened 150 years ago, that Montenegro is a Tusritsi country, but that there is no plan for the development of casino tourism in the strategic documents. They say that casino tourism means the creation of high-class hotels that would work throughout the year, receive high-paying foreign guests, have a significant number of employees and bring significant income to the state.

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