A real opportunity to live your life

Buying an apartment or house is one of the most important decisions in life. This significant step can be challenging, but with the right support, your dream of owning your own home can become a reality. NLB Banka provides you with exactly that support, through financial counseling and your own special offer of housing loans, allowing you to get to your home faster and easier.

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Photo: NLB
Photo: NLB
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A unique offer under special conditions

NLB Housing loan is characterized by numerous benefits, including lower fixed interest rate, compared to the regular offer:

  • NKS: 4,79% i EX: 5,34% for maturity up to 10 years;
  • NKS: 4,99% i EX: 5,67% for maturity up to 25 years;

i loan processing free of charge.*

With that you can choose special combined interest rate, which will be valid only while the action lasts.

Offer benefits apply until June 30, 6 for all newly approved loans.

photo: NLB

An opportunity for the young

NLB Bank is recognized for the long-term trust of citizens, for whom it is the first choice, when solving the housing issue. It pays special attention to young people, offering them the opportunity to solve their housing problem with affordable conditions.

Young people are often faced with high rental costs, while for the amount of monthly rent they can pay off a loan for their own property. If you are in the stage of family planning, the need for your own home becomes even more important. With NLB Housing loan, your dream of a bigger and safer living space can become a reality.

Simple and accessible service

The application process for the NLB Home Loan is simple and accessible online, We can video calls or in the nearest branch. NLB's team of financial experts are always there to support you and answer all your questions, helping you make the best decisions for your future home.

photo: NLB

Commitment to sustainability

NLB Bank is committed to sustainability and adapting to new challenges, directing its operations towards creating a better future for all of us. NLB Bank's commitment to UN principles for responsible banking shows its team's willingness to work on long-term sustainable development goals.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to become the owner of your home. With NLB Housing Loan, your dream home is within reach, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

*Representative example: For the loan amount of €70.000 with a repayment term of 120 months, the annual interest rates are: nominal interest rate (NKS) 4,79% fixed, effective interest rate (EKS) 5,34%. The calculation of the effective interest rate (EKS) includes the nominal interest rate, a one-time loan processing fee of €0,00, a fee for 1 promissory note (€2), a fee for an inquiry into the Credit Register (RKB) (€3), a fee for issuance of the real estate certificate (€8), notary fees1 (€300), the cost of the property insurance policy2 (€74,16), the cost of real estate appraisal2 (€80), life insurance policy cost (monthly)3 (€10,71), Cadastre costs for contract values ​​up to €100.000 (€31). (Total: €508,87) The total amount that the client needs to pay is €89.781,52, while the amount of the monthly annuity is €735,46. The total amount paid by the client is the sum of the principal, total interest and fees related to the loan approval. Mandatory means of security is a promissory note and promissory note authorization of the loan beneficiary. If it is necessary to provide other security instruments for loan approval, it is necessary for the loan beneficiary to commit to concluding a contract on additional services, in which case the additional fees that are not included in the calculation of the effective interest rate also include the costs related to these additional services (eg insurance policy costs, etc.). EKS is valid on the date of the information calculation, March 28, 03.

1 The cost of a notary may have minor deviations depending on the circumstances of the case. 2 The area of ​​the residential building taken in the example is 40 m2, construction value €700 per m2. 3 The cost of a life insurance policy may vary depending on the circumstances of the case. The premium amount of the life insurance policy is paid monthly and depends on the health condition of the client. The entry age taken in the example is 35 years, gender male.