DPS on PISA testing: Bad situation in education, but in general and in Montenegrin society

"Unfortunately, the educational system of Montenegro has been ruined in the last three years," said DPS

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DPS, Photo: DPS
DPS, Photo: DPS

The unsatisfactory results of Montenegrin students on the PISA test indicate a bad situation in the education sector, but also in Montenegrin society in general, the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) said, adding that the education system has been ruined in the last three years.

That party said that the results of the PISA test last year were significantly worse than in 2018 and the weakest since 2012.

"This devastating fact indicates that the education system in Montenegro is largely lagging behind not only the standards of the EU member states, but also the results of the countries of the region - Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia," the DPS statement states.

As they said, such PISA test results are not only an assessment of the knowledge of Montenegrin children, but the results of the work of Montenegrin educational institutions and the effects of those who managed them.

"Unfortunately, the educational system of Montenegro has been ruined in the last three years," said DPS.

They pointed out that the government that came to power in August 2020 set revanchism in education and the replacement of teaching staff as its priority.

"Instead of focusing on reforms, improving teaching conditions, improving the material status of educators and motivating all participants in teaching so that students acquire new knowledge as well and efficiently as possible, the line ministry looked for enemies among school directors, invented reasons why they would be dismissed and set staff according to their measure", says the announcement.

The DPS added that, because of such a procedure, the then minister Vesna Bratić is answerable before the court.

As they said, maybe the material damage will be compensated, but what was done with such a way of managing education is irreparable.

"The achieved results on the PISA test are another slap in the face to our education sector, but also an alarm to the Government of Montenegro and the most responsible in the chain, the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation", according to DPS.

They emphasized that the practice of appointing party crooks, who have never worked in education and do not know the educational system of Montenegro, to important positions must stop.

"Children in Montenegro deserve knowledge and skills, because that's the only way they can be competitive on the global labor market. They are not to blame for this result, but the responsibility lies with the government, which was not guided by the improvement of education, but focused on this department as a goal that needs to be conquered", said the DPS.

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