Three million for higher benefits for veterans and disabled soldiers, if the amendments to the Act on Veterans and Disabled Protection are adopted

Deputy Slaven Radunović said that the proposal to the Government is acceptable for existing users. About 1.800 users receive these benefits, and they are increasing by about four times

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The final word on the proposal will be given by the plenum: from the parliamentary session, Photo: Parliament of Montenegro
The final word on the proposal will be given by the plenum: from the parliamentary session, Photo: Parliament of Montenegro
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If the proposal to amend the Law on Veterans and Disability Protection, which is in the parliamentary procedure, is adopted, the benefits for beneficiaries will be increased by three to four times.

Amendments to this law were submitted to the parliament by a group of MPs from the "For the Future of Montenegro" coalition.

Prophet Slaven Radunović yesterday at the Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget he said that these changes apply to existing beneficiaries and those who will exercise the right in the future, as well as that he had discussions with the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Naidom Nišić and that these amendments are acceptable to the Government. He said that they would improve the standard for this vulnerable category of citizens, of which there are about 1.800, and the total increase would require about three million euros.

The definition of a combatant has been clarified, because instead of one of the previous positions in which it is said that he participated in "armed actions after August 17, 1990 at the invitation of the Yugoslav Army", it is stated that this refers to participants in armed actions after that date at invitations armies of the SFRY, FRY and the State Union of SCG. These fees, depending on the ten classification groups, ranged from around 20 to 307 euros.

With the changes, the base for calculating disability benefits is increased from the current 307 euros to the amount of the average net salary, which for October was worth 803 euros.

So, if this proposal is adopted, the personal disability allowance for the first category would amount to 130 percent of this base, or 1.040 euros. Now that percentage is 100 percent of the base, or 307 euros. For all other categories, both the percentage and the base increase.

For the last tenth category, the percentage for calculation increases from six to 13 percent, so that the fee, with the increase in the base, would now amount to 104 euros instead of the current 20 euros.

The allowances that these beneficiaries had for other people's care and assistance, orthopedic allowance and family disability allowance, as well as allowance for the parent of a fallen fighter, are also being increased. So that someone else's care and assistance for these beneficiaries would amount to 150 euros instead of around 800 euros, orthopedic allowance 280 instead of 70 euros, family disability allowance 160 instead of 30 euros, and compensation for the parents of a fallen fighter would be 440 euros instead of 107 euros.

The draft law introduces an obligation for municipalities to resolve housing issues for the beneficiaries of these benefits if they do not have it resolved, through the distribution of so-called social apartments. They are given the right to privileges during employment and in case of need and one-time financial assistance.

As stated in the explanation, the reason for these changes in the law is the necessity of urgent intervention by the state to protect the beneficiaries of the rights based on the law on veterans' and disabled persons' protection, "especially in the conditions of an increasingly pronounced increase in prices and a significant decrease in their purchasing power in relation to their income they belong".

"Also, the level of income of beneficiaries of rights based on the Law on Veterans and Disability Protection is significantly lower than in the countries of the region. In the past two years, numerous laws have improved the socio-economic position of many vulnerable and endangered categories of society, and therefore there is a justified need to improve the position and beneficiaries of rights from the system of veterans-disability protection. In addition, these changes to the current law would improve the position of all persons who perform military duties and other duties in order to defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of the country in all situations described by the current law", the explanation stated.

Amendments to this law have been passed by the Committee on Economy, and the MPs should give their opinion on it at the plenum.

About the civilian victims of the war in the spring

The group of deputies of the Coalition for the Future of Montenegro also had amendments that would include civilian victims of war, family members of victims of the NATO bombing in 1999, six from Murin and one from Tuza, as well as Montenegrin citizens wounded in that armed conflict. Yesterday, this group of amendments did not receive the green light from the parent Committee for Health, Labor and Social Welfare, but a solution regarding this issue will be made in the spring.

On behalf of the proposer, Slaven Radunović (Nova) said that they had made an agreement with the Government and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare that the Ministry would obtain records of people who are already known to have unfortunately passed away by the beginning of the spring session, and that a project would be created that would The government provided lifetime benefits for families or for beneficiaries who are alive and were wounded.

"They currently have a figure of 51, which they believe could be beneficiaries. They themselves have doubts about that number, and it should be determined more precisely," Radunović said.

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