Deputies "turned green" due to Milović's "meetings with mobsters": What happened in the closed part of the Committee session

Šuković precisely announced the dates, names and details of the meeting of the Minister of Justice with a dozen alleged members of organized criminal groups and Darko Šarić's group, several participants of the session confirmed to "Vijesta". Last night, Milović told "Vijesta" that he was at a party in a hotel where among the 100 guests there were people of security interest, that he sat in bars where there were BIL people, but that in some of them people from the prosecution, judiciary, police...

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Transparent with all people: Milović, Photo: BORIS PEJOVIC
Transparent with all people: Milović, Photo: BORIS PEJOVIC
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Minister of Justice Andrej Milović maintains contacts with members of several organized criminal groups from the north of Montenegro, announced the head of the Special Police Department (SPO) at the closed session of the Parliamentary Committee for Security and Defense last night. Predrag Šuković, learned "Vijesti" from several participants of the session.

At the session, Šuković referred to the police's data on the activities of a dozen of those people and their encounters with Milović, including crossing the border in the same car, frequent stays in a hotel in the north of Montenegro and the like, according to "Vijesti" sources.

At the session, Milović did not deny contacts with alleged criminals, but said that he did not know that they were members of organized criminal groups, the interlocutors said.

"Participants of the session were disturbed by these data, and asked additional questions, to which Šuković answered in detail," said one participant of the session.

"We literally all turned green," said another.

According to the participants of the session, Šuković precisely communicated the dates, names and details of Milović's meetings with a dozen alleged members of organized criminal groups from Beran, Bijelo Polje and the group Darko Sarić, including their role in criminal clans. Among them there are also convicted criminals or they are being investigated for serious crimes. For some of the encounters, he allegedly showed photographs.

Šuković allegedly said that Milović often goes to a hotel in the north of Montenegro and stays there, where he sits and talks with persons of security interest. Among other things, that he was there at a party organized by the formal owner of the hotel. The police suspect that the hotel was built with the money of the Šarić clan.

"Given that Šuković presented the details in the closed part of the session for the public, I cannot talk about the details, except that my contact with the BIL people is going to the party at the hotel where Arandjelov's Day was celebrated on November 23.11.2023, 100. and that out of XNUMX guests during the celebration in the hotel lobby, there were persons who were BIL. So, my connections with BIL people are that, among other things, I know certain owners of catering facilities from the time I was a lawyer when I represented some of them in civil and administrative proceedings, that I sit in bars where there are also BIL people, which is also one of my sins and for the bar in the center of Podgorica, where Šuković points out that there are BIL persons, but there is no answer to the fact that there are people from the prosecution, the judiciary, the police and others sitting there," Milović said last night in response to a question from "Vijesti" to comment on the allegations that meets with a dozen people from Beranka, Bjelopolje and Šarićeva OKG...

The day before yesterday, in the open part of the session, Milović said that he does not meet in dens, but in bars "transparently with all people".

At the closed session, the head of the SPO also explained the details of the "person of security interest" MM, who is allegedly Milović's girlfriend, and stated the precise reasons for the special measures taken by the police in relation to her, including her alleged former relationships with people from criminal clans, including the late head of an OKG.

MM is or was on the blue Interpol warrant issued by Montenegro, according to which all members of Interpol are obliged to inform their colleagues in Podgorica when, where and with whom they cross the border. The purpose of issuing the warrant was for the police to track down persons from the criminal milieu, and they were allegedly related to her.

The day before yesterday, Šuković announced in the open part of the session that Milović, before becoming a minister, sought through the former acting chief of police Nikola Terzić that MM be removed from the list of persons of security interest, and that Šuković refused.

Milović replied that it was "reckless, below the level" for him to comment on Šuković's claims about "emotional partners", but in the "deaf room" he allegedly did not deny that he was in a relationship with MM. He said at the public session that he had no opportunity to influence as a citizen on who the police will put or remove from the list of persons of security interest.

"I don't want to comment on Šuković's handling of my private life and whether someone is my girlfriend or not, especially when it concerns a female person who does not exist in the criminal and misdemeanor records of our country, and who, according to Šuković, is a BIL, which is another undercover...", Milović said last night, answering the questions of "Vijesti" whether he crossed the border in December with MM and another person of security interest in the same car, whether it is true that he did not deny contacts with BIL persons at the session, but that he said that he did not know that information, and whether he denied that MM was his girlfriend in the closed session.

The sources of "Vijesti" claim that Šuković recommended to the Committee at the closed session that all the information he presented should be officially requested from the Police Administration.

The participants of the session claim that during the closed part, he again asked to be told what his abuses were in the Do Kwon affair, for which Milović accuses him, to which he allegedly did not receive an answer.

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