Whoever is guarding Brđanin makes it difficult for the police - Šaranović demands that the issue of the dismissal of the head of UP be urgently put on the government's agenda

The Minister of Internal Affairs wrote to the Government Commission for Personnel Issues, which is obliged to consider his proposal before it reaches the agenda of the executive session.

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Šaranović, Photo: Boris Pejović
Šaranović, Photo: Boris Pejović
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Minister of Interior Affairs Danilo Šaranović (Democrats) asked the chairman of the Committee on Personnel and Administrative Affairs yesterday Srđan Pavićević (CIVIS) that the Government body urgently consider the proposal for the dismissal of the police chief Zoran Brđanin, so that the executive power would deal with that issue at the next session - "Vijesti" learned unofficially.

Šaranović, according to "Vijesti" information, assessed that any further postponement of the consideration of his proposal on the dismissal of Brđanin also prolongs the process of nominating the acting (acting) director of the Police Directorate (UP), and that it prevents the continued functioning and full legitimacy of the work of that institution.

The Minister stated that the Commission should act on the proposal for the dismissal of Brđanin, because, he claims, there is no formal-legal reason not to do so. He adds that after the Government's statement on Brđanin, and depending on the outcome of the vote, the conditions for proposing the acting police chief would be created.

"Because that cannot be done unless the position of UP director is vacant," Saranović said.

He proposed the dismissal of Brđanin at the end of 2023, after the Parliamentary Committee for Security and Defense gave a negative opinion on two last year's reports on the work of the UP.

The General Secretariat of the Government (GSV) announced in January to "Vijesta" that the executive power did not receive Šaranović's proposal, but that the minister submitted it to its commission on December 26 last year. GSV claimed that the commission considered the proposal two days later and postponed the decision on it until Saranović submitted the proposal for appointing the acting chief of police. Šaranović claimed that the Government body did not consider the proposal. The minister told "Vijesti" in mid-January that he can only propose a candidate for the temporary chief of police when that position is vacant.

Relations between the Europe Now Movement (PES) and the Democrats "strained" due to staffing in the security sector, and after the Government session at the beginning of December at which the Minister of Justice Andrej Milović (PES) requested immediate shifts in that part of the system.

Brđanin was returned to the chair of the first police officer by a court decision of December 7, but ten days later the board gave a negative opinion on his reports, which created the conditions for him to be dismissed. He was elected police director in August 2021, during the mandate of the Government Zdravka Krivokapića, which means that his five-year term expires in August 2026.

It was the first time by the Government Dritan Abazović resolved at the end of March last year, and the Administrative Court annulled that decision at the beginning of July as illegal. The government reiterated its decision in early August, and the court overturned it on December 7.

Mountaineerphoto: Boris Pejović

Former Minister of the Interior Filip Adzic in the explanation of the proposal for dismissal, as the reasons for this, he cited the operation of the Special State Prosecutor's Office during which the former assistant director of UP was arrested Dejan Knezevic and several police officers, due to the suspicion that they committed criminal acts in the field of organized crime and corruption.

According to the Law on Internal Affairs, in the event that the police director's mandate ends before the time for which he was appointed, the Government, on the proposal of the minister, appoints one of the managers of the internal organizational unit of the UP who meets the requirements for the director, for a maximum of six months. There are 20 organizational units in UP.

The Director of UP is appointed by the Government, based on a public competition, on the proposal of the Minister.

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