Nikolić: We submitted the initiative for the dismissal of Mandić to the parliamentary clubs

In the initiative, he said, they listed several reasons why Mandić is unworthy

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From the press conference, Photo: Boris Pejović
From the press conference, Photo: Boris Pejović
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We forwarded the initiative for the dismissal of the President of the Assembly Andrija Mandić to the parliamentary clubs, said the head of the parliamentary club of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Andrija Nikolić.

"Since this convocation, the Assembly of Montenegro has not been a representative house of all citizens. It has been misused by its host for party, nationalist and anti-European interests," said Nikolić at the press conference.

In the initiative, he said, they listed several reasons why Mandić is unworthy.

"Even though he was invited, he never provided evidence that he was in legal possession of Montenegrin citizenship. Anyone who became the owner of the citizenship of another country after June 3, 2006 must, by force of law, renounce Montenegrin. There is a series of evidence that he is in illegal possession, and there is no reaction from the MUP," said Nikolić and called on the MUP to act in accordance with its obligations.

He added that Mandić's "frivolous attitude" significantly contributed to the compromise of the country he represents, even when he visited the election headquarters of his partners on behalf of the House of Representatives of all citizens, overlooking the fact that he was siding with a part of the citizens of Serbia.

"It is a diplomatic incident and the court issued a ruling on behalf of the citizens of Montenegro and the nature of those elections, which were later compromised in a resolution of the European Parliament as disputed with the request to conduct an investigation into their regularity."

Nikolić also stated that Mandić introduced the flag of another country into the Assembly.

"In addition to the action by which he compromised all the citizens of Montenegro by siding with one nation, he discriminated against all citizens. He allowed Dario Vraneš to follow his example and humiliate Montenegro when Vraneš celebrated the Statehood Day of another country at the expense of the citizens. Part of the opposition has filed a report with the competent authorities and we expect a response from them. Finally, the unconstitutional congratulation on the occasion of RS Day and the visit of genocide denier Dodik in Srebrenica represents siding with those policies that aim to break BiH," said Nikolić.

He believes that there was an investment in neighborly relations, but that they were damaged by this act at the expense of the international sponsors Dodik and Mandić.

"We believe that all the stated reasons point to the fact that these obstructions will continue because it is the interest of politics whose protagonists are Dodik and Mandić. The essence was best explained by the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Montenegro, Maslenikov, who said that the intensification of the European path of the countries of the Western Balkans simultaneously means confrontation with that country".

Nikolić said that all of the above more than sufficiently illustrates the need for Mandić not to be the leader of the Assembly because he is unworthy of that position.

"We offered the initiative to all parliamentary clubs except the coalition for the future of Montenegro, we saw that some have already announced themselves and we believe that we will formally process it until the end when we receive a response from political subjects in the parliament," said Nikolić.

When asked whose support he expects, Nikolić answers the support of "all reasonable policies that expect multi-ethnic democracy, good neighborly relations".

" So, we expect the support of all parties that declaratively support the European path of Montenegro. The European path is under attack - Vučić launched the overthrow of the government in Montenegro. We remind you that Dritan once had an offer to speed up the European path and in return received an announcement that he would receive the closure of the chapter, so he activated the Basic Treaty and, based on it, overthrew the Government, which was supported by the pro-European structure in the parliament".

He asked if anyone is surprised that Jakov Milatović, when we can speed up the entry and closing of the Milatović chapter, leaves PES and works to overthrow the government.

"What Vučič wants is not Montenegro in the EU, but also the Serbian world, which has been brought into this House by destroying good neighborly relations and by reconsidering BiH".

Asked why no one from DPS attended the protest yesterday, Nikolić said that this initiative is their protest against Dodik.

"Don't expect us to do what they did in this house, when they prevented the competent institutions from doing their work. It was announced that it would not be an official visit, that it was a private meeting, and in the end it turned out to be an official one that ended in a fight media".

The dismissal of Mandić needs 10 signatures in order to be processed, and whether it will be on the agenda, Nikolić says, depends on the majority.

"At every session, the opposition has the right to integrate one item into the agenda. I think it is certain that we will discuss that topic today, but we don't know what the epilogue will be."

About the interpellation for the dismissal of Milović: An attempt to overshadow the initiative for the dismissal of Mandić

Nikolić said that the request for the interpellation of Justice Minister Andrej Milović submitted by the URA was actually an attempt to overshadow their initiative to remove Mandić.

He added that the request did not come to their parliamentary club, and that he will give an answer when it comes and when they are informed about it.

"What is important is that the prime minister owed answers when it comes to his relationship with Milović, I will also bear in mind that a certain political procedure has been launched against him within the Europe Now Movement," emphasized Nikolić.

I am sure that Dodik did not represent BiH just as I am sure that Mandic did not represent Montenegro

The head of the DPS parliamentary club said that the initiative on some special ties between Republika Srpska and Montenegro comes out of the constitutional competence of Mandić and Dodik.

"In order to establish special ties, the Governments that determine the platform for the implementation of these policies must talk. I am sure that Dodik did not represent BiH just as I am sure that Mandić did not represent Montenegro. The responsibility is certainly on the Government not only in terms of dealing with initiatives, but also in relation to the continuous destruction carried out by Mandic. We cannot agree to work intensively on the Serbization of Montenegro, under the slogan of European values. The latest events speak in favor".

Yesterday was the real Andrija Mandić

When asked by a journalist how he commented on the visit of European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelji to Montenegro and the message that this parliamentary majority led by Mandić achieved much more results than any before it, Nikolić replied that he would comment positively if Mandić truly behaved like a European politician.

"I think that yesterday was the true and real Andrija Mandić - someone who abuses this institution to bring in people who deny the genocide in Srebrenica, welcoming them with the flags of Republika Srpska, but without the prominent flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to be a true proclaimer of European values, you must show you respect your neighbors"

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