Đeljošaj: If PES and the Democrats accept the reconstruction while not respecting the agreement, there will be a new moment for reconsideration

He said that the Albanian Forum will continue to lead an inclusive policy and fight for Montenegro in the EU.

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Đeljošaj, Photo: Boris Pejović
Đeljošaj, Photo: Boris Pejović
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If our partners in the Government, the Europe Now Movement (PES) and Democratic Montenegro accept the reconstruction without respecting the agreement, even before the deadline in the agreement, it will be a new moment for reconsideration, announced tonight the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Albanian Alternative Nik Đeljošaj.

He said in a statement that the Albanian Forum (a coalition consisting of the Albanian Alternative, the Democratic Alliance of Albanians and the National Union of Albanians) became part of the Government in order to contribute to Montenegro becoming the first member of the European Union (EU) in a few years.

"The work of the government is fully dedicated to that goal and we have results and we can expect even more results in the coming months. However, yesterday's messages that were heard in the Parliament are not good for Montenegro and our western path, and we must not remain silent about such behavior." Đeljošaj said.

He said that the Albanian Forum will continue to lead an inclusive policy and fight for Montenegro in the EU.

"I know who bothers Montenegro in the EU, we will by no means give up on our European path, but we will not retreat without a 'fight' for these values. We are ready to tolerate differences, but we will not tolerate attacks on good neighborly relations, that is one of our most important points of our agreement. Anyone who does not respect the agreement will exclude himself from the possibility of its implementation, and we will not have any obligations under the agreement, and it is important to emphasize that the Albanian Forum has not violated it by any action," concluded Đeljošaj.

The text of the final agreement on the formation of the new government, published by Vijesti on October 19, foresees the reconstruction of the government.

In that agreement, it is stated that in accordance with the consistent and complete observance of all the provisions of this Agreement, the Prime Minister undertakes to propose, and the signatories of the Agreement to support the reconstruction of the 44th Government of Montenegro no later than the voting of the budget for 2025.

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