An electronic session of the SO Šavnik is scheduled for Wednesday at 18 p.m

The session was supposed to be held on Monday, but the supporters of the coalition Za bučići Šavnik, SNP and Democrats did not allow it. They entered the hall in the Municipality building, where the session is held, in order to prevent it from taking place claiming that it was illegally scheduled

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Photo: Svetlana Mandić
Photo: Svetlana Mandić
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The president of the Šavnik SO, Nadežda Kotlica, has scheduled an electronic meeting for tomorrow at 18 p.m.

She held a meeting with the presidents of the committee clubs. At the meeting, the representatives of the coalition for the future of Šavnik and the SNP said that they would not attend the electronic session, because they consider it unreliable, while the representative of the Democrats said that they would make a decision on attending the session after consultation.

"Representatives of all three opposition parties, Koslicia, voted against holding the electronic session, and we will not attend it because we believe that it cannot be adequately organized, nor that its decisions will be valid, as we doubt the correctness of the voting. As for tomorrow's session, in addition to one to the point that was yesterday, the dismissal of MEC members, three more points were added: to reduce water prices by 50 percent, to prolong the adoption of the strategic plan and to elect new MEC members," he told "Vijesta" Dragan Krsmanović, from the SNP municipal committee.

The electronic session can be held without the presence of the opposition, since the ruling DPS has a quorum because they have 18 councilors, compared to 11, as many as the opposition has.

The session was supposed to be held yesterday, but the supporters of the coalition "For the Future of Šavnik", SNP and the Democrats did not allow it. They entered the hall in the Municipality building, where the session is held, in order to prevent it from taking place claiming that it was illegally scheduled. The municipality reported the case to the police and the prosecutor's office, and the prosecutor in the Basic State Prosecutor's Office (ODT) in Pljevlja stated that the actions of the persons who were reported to have entered the building of the Municipality of Šavnik without authorization do not constitute the elements of a criminal offense for which prosecution is undertaken under official duty.

The meeting of the SO Šavnik was scheduled after the Government's decision on the local self-governments of Šavnik, Budva and Andrijevica. Last week, the government gave those municipal assemblies a deadline of ten days to fulfill their obligations established by law in order to get out of the government crisis that has been shaking them for a long time. The municipality of Šavnik has been warned that it must take measures against the Municipal Election Commission (MEC) in order to implement the decision of the State Election Commission, which ordered the MEC to make a decision on repeating voting at the polling stations - "Sala SO Šavnik" and "Kafana Kruševica" and adopt a strategic development plan Municipalities.

So far, the State Election Commission has held 60 sessions dedicated to the elections in Šavnik and passed 120 decisions ordering the MEC of Šavnik to make a decision on repeating the elections, which did not happen, because four members of the MEC, out of a total of eight, are from the ranks of the opposition. were against or abstained during the vote.

The elections in Šavnik began on October 23, 2022, when they were held in 13 other municipalities, but after nine repetitions, tearing of ballots, broken ballot boxes, prevention of voting, verbal and physical conflicts, numerous applications, a deadlock was reached - on polling stations in the SO building and in the village of Kruševice, where 541 voters were registered, the elections have not ended.

The opposition claimed that it was electoral engineering, that the ruling DPS registered a large number of voters from other municipalities, more than 300. The same accusations were made by the current Šavnica government, emphasizing that the holders of the electoral lists, as well as the individuals who are on that lists, copied to Šavnik before the elections, and that there are more than 200 such cases.

The preliminary results of the census, which was held last year, showed that in Šavnik, where 1.968 voters have the right to vote in local elections, there are 1.588 inhabitants, 380 less than the number of voters.

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