Arsović: The replacement of Olivera Injac is a salvation for the development of Podgorica

"You collapsed the system that was functioning, in such a way that, due to political interests, there is no cooperation between companies, Secretariats and the administration of the Capital City. Everything was more important to you than the interests of ordinary citizens," said the DPS councilor

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Arsović, Photo: DPS
Arsović, Photo: DPS
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Vladan Arsović, member of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) in the Assembly of the Capital City, assessed that the dismissal of the mayor of Podgorica, Olivera Injac, would be "saving the development" of the capital city.

"Just a few days ago, Mayor Olivera Injac 'informed' the Podgorica public that a year ago there were no ready projects waiting for them and that the projects were allegedly bad, in order to justify the worst implementation of the capital budget in the history of the capital city (3 million euros from 70 million euros).

And the changes that were made in the previous period, as he said, were made exclusively due to changes in the legal regulations.

"For example, Vojislavljevića Street was revised in 2017 and a technically usable project, which has now been harmonized with new regulations, Eurocodes and planning documentation. In addition to all that, the roads that are now being reconstructed, or their construction has yet to begin, are the projects of the previous The contracts for most of them were prepared during the period of the previous city administration. I think it is human to admit that mistake, which we can hardly accept as accidental, because the deputy mayor made a similar comment at one of the last sessions of the Assembly. , said Arsovic.

It is necessary, as he states, to apologize to the engineers from the Agency for Construction and Development of Podgorica.

"I will remind you, dear outgoing mayors, that these people built this city. That for the implementation of all major projects, such as the ring road around the city, bridges, boulevards, they are the most deserving, those who, according to you, did nothing in the previous period. So, you insulted those people who developed this city years before you, not any government, but those very people," said the DPS councilor, adding:

"As the mayor, you could have known in a simple way that projects such as Balšić Street, Špir Mugoša Street, Gojko Radonjic Street, Radojo Jovanović Street, Vlada Martinović Street, the promenade - Phase II along the Morača River, Stamben community VII - the third lane of Dalmatinska, Street Miloša Cicvarić, Street Iva Vizina and many others , admit the mistake, admit that you are not doing well as a government and resign".

He should not, as Arsović says, do that because of the aforementioned officials from the Agency, because they "continued to work dedicatedly, as they only know how" and "they are not interested in criticism or praise, as well as who is currently in power". but they, "unlike you, are only interested in the development of this city."

"And you, please don't continue to 'work'. Because of all those employees of the Capital City, whose salary you intended to reduce by 20%, because of all those hard-working employees of the Waterworks, whose salary is late, solely because of your incompetent personnel, because of those workers from Čistoća, who are calling for a strike due to the announcement of salary reductions and dismissals, because of all the citizens of Podgorica who, because of your decisions, have to pay more expensive services for almost all the city's companies project for the Capital, a wastewater treatment plant, solely for political reasons, in order to save the chair! You have collapsed a system that was functioning, in such a way that there is no cooperation between companies, Secretariats and the administration of the Capital City," he says. Arsovic.

He believes that the mayor "everything was more important than the interests of ordinary citizens."

"And finally, outgoing mayor, not that the initiative for your dismissal is legitimate, but rather represents salvation for Podgorica and the essential need of its citizens. As your deputy told the officials of the Capital City, we also want to 'greet you' and 'take you down' grbače and city companies and the Capital City'", the announcement concludes.

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