Danilović: There is a state cartel under whose orders the most organized smuggling ever operated...

"DPS is a litmus test for checking the hard truth about the involvement of the biggest state officials in the historical killing of the state of Montenegro," said the President of the United Montenegro.

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Danilović, Photo: Luka Zeković
Danilović, Photo: Luka Zeković
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It's not polite to refer to yourself, but I must remind you that a year ago I claimed that by naming the "police cartel" as an organized group that performed "miracles" in Montenegro, the "big fish" actually put the responsibility on the police officers who did unacceptable things order from the top, the President of the United Montenegro Goran Danilović announced today.

"There is, therefore, no 'police cartel' - there is a 'state cartel' behind which people with political power stood and still stand, the order-givers, whose order is not denied and on whose orders the most organized smuggling ever operated in this region, and beyond - on the territory of Europe. The 'police cartel' should have focused attention on a profession that had 'escaped' from state control, and which had organized itself to perfection in any contact with the group, on a private or professional line, people who are certainly guilty of something, but more certainly are not part of the project behind which the 'capitalists', the political figures who managed the fate of Montenegro for almost three decades, were standing "The cartel was founded by the state, undoubtedly, by its managers, 'decision makers', who used state departments for their own, private purposes," Danilović pointed out in a press release.

He added that the state cartel was thus a state in miniature with a sufficient number of political leaders at the top, but also with decisive representatives of the judicial, prosecutorial and official authorities who carried out command tasks using state resources, with the tacit approval of everyone in the series who allegedly represented the state on some kind of secret, state job.

"The proof that this is so is now clearly visible before our eyes. The proof that some of us were telling the truth is now also evident due to the stormy reactions of the rejuvenated DPS? While they were chasing and catching 'just policemen', the DPS was politically wise to remain silent or shift responsibility to the 'liberators' and the new government," said Danilović.

He said that today, however, it is completely different, and that the DPS is relentlessly attacking the Chief Special Prosecutor (GST) Vladimir Novović and EUROPOL, looking for a way to connect them with malignant Russian or Greater Serbian influence.

"DPS is a litmus test for verifying the dry truth about the involvement of the biggest state officials in the historical killing of the state of Montenegro. It is clear to anyone who knows how to connect the obvious facts that DPS, young or old, feels the approach of the D-day in which it will be revealed who and in what way, connected and made operative, prosecutors, judges, police directors, businessmen and so on, in an action that lasted for years and by which the state was privatized, primitized and placed in a position of submission to the acquisition of fabulous wealth of a narrow circle of people; political fraudsters who are whole time, were actually private entrepreneurs shrouded in the 'sanctity of the state' and 'national pride.' Well, that's what we're talking about; everyone did their job believing that the one above them knew what he was doing. If anyone had any doubts, he would be convinced and silenced by any 'state award'," said Danilović.

In his words, the state cartel, "at the end, but also at the beginning, is the only one organized to perfection with a clear hierarchy in which, as in the political nomenclature and before our eyes, he is the first among the unequal, always addressed as 'boss'".

"In the State Cartel, no police intern or junior officer can be a leader - the leader is where the state is, and the state - the state is me," concluded Danilović.

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