BLOG Spajić: We will vote for the resolution, all our partners supported our amendments

A special session dedicated to the prime minister's hour was held in the Assembly

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From the session, Photo: Boris Pejović
From the session, Photo: Boris Pejović
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18: 13h

Deputy of the special club Vladimir Dobričanin asked Spajić what are the reasons for not publishing the results of the census and when they can be expected to be available.

Spajić, as well as MP Maja Vukićević, who asked a similar question, answered that the data entry phase, which lasted three months, was completed these days.

"Next is the phase of data processing, which implies the application of statistical controls and which will last from two to three months," Spajić said.

Onje said that the census was very important, in order to see the current structure of the population so that they could better plan expenditures for the Health Fund, the PIO Fund and other expenditures.

"These are the essential things that come out of the census," Spajić said, stating that the counting has already been completed and that the statistical processing of the data is now in order.

17: 02h

The President of the Assembly Andrija Mandić said that he expects the expansion of the Government soon.

"This function of the President of the Parliament is for the Serbian people and how important it is for them to know that a Serbian politician can cover the second most important function in Montenegro. And as for our participation in the Government, that will happen soon," Mandic said.

17: 01h

Abazović said that he did not receive any answers from the prime minister, except that he does not own real estate.

"I left you a full cash register. You are trying to manipulate. A criminal complaint was filed against you seven or eight days ago. You are free to file against me," Abazović said.

He said that Spajić's friends in Belgrade and beyond do not view his actions in the same way as he does.

The President of the Assembly Andrija Mandić told Abazović that they do not count on finding someone in the current majority "who will go there - on the road of no return", leaving this parliamentary majority and believing that after that he can create a new political alliance in Montenegro.

"Let everything pass and part of the parliamentary majority, you will have to come as you sat down with the DPS and say 'Gentlemen, what now?' I am sure that there is no one in the parliamentary majority, until the DPS is reformed, who will form the majority with the DPS," said Mandić.

Abazović said that he had nothing against him, but that this "courting of the Prime Minister and the President of the Assembly did not happen even when Ranko Krivokapić and Svetozar Marović were there."

16: 34h

"Boring, boring, let's go back to what suits the citizens. I didn't own a property in Singapore, who cares about that... You didn't have days of service. You have not created anything in your life, your first salary was in the Assembly. I understand your complexes", said Prime Minister Abazović.

He said that he never took a euro from the state of Montenegro, telling him to give the Prosecutor's Office all the affairs he has.

"I don't have real estate in Montenegro, Serbia, Singapore or anywhere else... I don't think I signed anything on behalf of the state that harms the state, but you did in December 2022, the contract with "Be partizan solutions" as a natural person, and the decision Vlade was after two months".

16: 24h

Spajić said that they are consulting with the USA, France, and Germany on a daily basis regarding numerous issues, and that he would like "God to give them more such slaps" as the State Department allegedly gave them regarding the submission of amendments to the Resolution on Srebrenica.

Abazović said that artificial intelligence responds like this "when you have a prime minister who is not interested in anything".

He pointed out that Spajić had meetings with Do Kwon in Belgrade at Topalovićeva 4.

"My question for FIJ is not trivial, so I ask you if you were ever an employee or co-owner of the Das Capital Fund in Singapore? Did you ever, when you came out of it, did you pay income tax to that country, do you know this man Sindži Kimura? Did that Fund buy tera luna tokens, do you have real estate in Singapore?" asked Abazović.

16: 05h

Prime Minister Milojko Spajić, in response to a question from GP URA deputy Dritan Abazović, since he has known Do Kvon, said that, as he promised before, he sought answers from Chat GPT.

"In the following, I fulfill the assumed obligation and transmit the answer in its entirety. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to get to know Do Kwon well, but I know that he is known for his comedy performances and social satire. As for the conversation in Belgrade, the topic would probably be related to art, humor or social themes that are characteristic of his creativity," Spajić said.

16: 04h

The leader of the URA Civil Movement, Dritan Abazović, asked Spajić how long he had known Do Kwon and what was the topic of conversation during their meeting in Belgrade.

He said that the way in which a close member of Prime Minister Spajić's family bought a house in Boka Kotorska is interesting.

"I claim responsibly that the elements of why someone from the FIJ was chosen to become the police director, and why the current police director visits the FIJ every day is, among other things, due to financial investigations directed at the prime minister," said Abazović.

The head of the PES club, Vasilije Čarapić, reacted by stating that Abazović called a member of the Spajić family a "scumbag".

He pointed out that Abazović was taking out the private belongings of Spajić's family, which is a violation of the Rules of Procedure, and asked that he be reprimanded.

Abazović said that he did not say anything insulting about Spajić's family, and that during the last prime minister's hour he spoke about the scumbags, stating that this did not apply to Spajić and his uncle Kankaraš.

15: 50h

Vukićević said that only Serbs were prevented from acquiring Montenegrin citizenship, because they had to renounce either Montenegrin or Serbian citizenship.

"It is discrimination because everyone else is enabled to have dual citizenship by the constitutional law and its Article 12," she said.

She asked if something legal had been done on the matter and announced that she would submit a legal solution that she would submit to the procedure.

Spajić said that it is a shame that people do not have citizenship, but were born in Montenegro and have Montenegrin roots.

15: 49h

Prime Minister Milojko Spajić said that the Directorate for Statistics - MONSTAT has defined the period for the publication of the final results of the population census, for the second half of 2024, with the annual plan and calendar of data publication.

"In which the population data will be published successively, which is also the practice in other countries," he said, answering the question of the MP of the Democratic People's Party (DNP), Maja Vukićević, who is obstructing the publication of data from the census.

Vukićević said that the census should show the structure of the population.

In his written reply, Spajić stated that all activities under the jurisdiction of the Directorate for Statistics are carried out in accordance with the planned dynamics.

"In this regard, the phase of data entry, which lasted three months, has been completed these days. The phase of data processing will follow, which includes the application of statistical controls and will last from two to three months," said Spajić.

He pointed out that they are aware that the public is most interested in the publication of data on ethnic-cultural issues and the possibility for citizens to check the credibility of this data using specially developed software, which is defined by the Law on Amendments to the Law on Population Census.

"With a certain delay, a member of the opposition was elected to the full composition of the Commission for monitoring the establishment of the software for checking the mentioned data, and the first full composition meeting was held. By the end of the week, the tender for the mentioned software is expected to be published, and we hope that this delay will not affect the publication data," Spajić said.

15: 28h

Adrijan Vuksanović (HGI) said that Jasenovac is the biggest shame of the Croatian people, but that the difference between Mandić and him is that he will say that they are criminals, while he will call Radovan Karadžić, Ratko Mladić and Slobodan Milošević heroes.

"For me, Ante Pavelić is a criminal," said Vuksanović.

Mandic said that he considers all those in Srebrenica who killed prisoners of war to be criminals.

"Montenegro is still full of pits today. Do not attribute to us or to me that I am proud of any Serb who is a war criminal. Not in the least," Mandic said.

Amer Samilović (BS) said that not only prisoners of war were killed in Srebrenica, but over 800 children were also killed in the protected zone.

"I condemn every crime, including the one in Srebrenica, especially against women and children," Mandic said.

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15: 03h

Mandic said that the political representatives of the Serbian people will propose to the Assembly to adopt the Resolution on the Genocide in Jasenovac.

"I expect that we will have the support of both the government and the opposition, because we think that such a crime should also be condemned by this Parliament."

Change: 16:36 p.m
14: 41h

Spajić said that Montenegro will vote for all resolutions condemning genocides and crimes in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

"Precisely this resolution that we have in front of us - Srebrenica. It's not a problem at all. We will vote for, we have said many times. I spoke publicly about it, we condemned the genocide. We have no problem doing that. The government will discuss it, but I think it is unnecessary to mention it because we agreed to conduct a pro-European policy", Spajić said.

Bosniak Party leader Ervin Ibrahimović asked Spajić whether Montenegro would support the UN Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica initiated by Germany and Rwanda at the session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

Ibrahimović said that so far the Resolution has been co-sponsored by some of Montenegrin's key international partners, including the USA, France, Turkey, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Slovenia and North Macedonia.

Ibrahimović believes that by voting for the Resolution, Montenegro would once again stand on the same side as countries with developed democracy and respect for rights and confirm that it essentially, and not declaratively, belongs to a part of the civilized world that it wants to be a part of in terms of value, substance and formality.

"I believe that you can deal with all the challenges facing this Government with a statesmanlike attitude. I believe that you can bring this country into the EU, but you have a challenge - the Resolution submitted by the European partners. ...Can you respond to such an important challenge", said Ibrahimović.

He pointed out that the text of the Resolution nowhere mentions that a nation is genocidal.

Spajić replied that he and all the people from PES have always been pro-Western oriented.

"Since they had a pass from the DPS until 2014, and since then they had a pro-ropa pass, I congratulate them on the change. But they accepted my politics. You led a pro-Russian policy for 25 years, and then a pro-European policy for five years".

Ibrahimović said that he understood that the Government would support the Resolution.

"I'm glad the public hears it, but I would like all government representatives to understand that we belong with the countries that are co-sponsors of this Resolution. This is the civilizational need of this society," he said.

Spajić said that he does not accept the thesis that Montenegro is worse than anyone else:

"We are equal with the French, Germans, Americans, Austrians, always. We are not a pumpkin without a root, our root is big. We are Europe again, Montenegro is returning to its roots. We should be leaders in Europe", Spajić said.

He pointed out that many did not read the Resolution, stating that the amendments to the Resolution say that no nation is genocidal:

"All our partners supported them. Have we heard the reaction of BIH? I am convinced that the amendments are excellent and will show the right intention. The entire region needs to be calmed down... We see that Jasenovac will also be in the process. We are in favor," Spajić said.

The amendments, as he said, will ensure that no one has anything against the Serbian people.

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14: 12h

Jevrto Eraković (DPS) said that the DPS decided after 1997 for the policy it follows.

"We have a clear attitude towards everyone. Do you have any? How do you treat your party comrades from yesterday whom you defended publicly here in the parliament and secretly treated in a different way".

Mandic asked to whom it refers.

Kaluđerović then played the recording on her phone, and later read what was said on the recording:

"Milo Đukanović: "Let Momir Bulatović not protect Serbia from me, because the Government I lead had to secretly help the Serbian people from Slobodan Milošević and Bulatović...".

Abdić said that there should be equal measures and that he would not allow threats.

"We will not move one iota to anyone nor will we allow anyone to insult and belittle us".

14: 00h

SD MP Boris Mugoša told Mandić not to abuse his position, because this is the Prime Minister's hour, not the President's hour.

"You are not above us, you are first among equals. You are the speaker of the Parliament, you preside over the session," said Mugoša.

He said that the President of the Assembly should not defend Spajić.

Mandić replied that he did not remember Mugoša making such tirades to the "speaker" from his party.

13: 59h

Bosniak Party MP Kenana Strujić Harbić said that Mandić has been showing too much "love" to the Bosniak people lately, and said that the parties around the former Democratic Front are not constituents of the current government, but that "there are too many of them" in responsible positions.

Mandić said that there will be more, stating that there are no misunderstandings with the Bosniak Party or the Bosniak people.

session of parliament
photo: Boris Pejović

SNP deputy Slađana Kaluđerović said that the SNP in the Government will not support the Resolution on Srebrenica.

Change: 14:05 p.m
13: 49h

Živković replied to Spajić that they are 100% compliant with the DPS policy.

"You have two or three constituents who do not support the state of Kosovo. Ideology is the easiest to sell for armchairs. We saw that best on your example", said Živković.

He pointed out that it was announced that the UN Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica would be voted on tomorrow and that the Government should decide on it today, and he asked Spajić what the Government's position would be.

Addressing Mandić, Živković said that in a government that supports NATO, Kosovo's independence and sanctions against Russia:

Zivkovicphoto: Boris Pejović

"You support that government. You said that this government will be anti-Serb".

Mandić ironically said that the Serbian people are advising them to leave the parliamentary majority in order for the DPS to come to power.

"I think you underestimate the intelligence of the people and make a big mistake," Mandic said.

He said that ZBCG, if he were in the place of Prime Minister Spajić, would not vote for the Resolution on Srebrenica, but that only ministers vote in the Government, not state secretaries and directors of directorates.

He pointed out that the Government will make a decision tomorrow, and that he expects his SNP colleagues to be against:

"We are not in the government, but if we were, our ministers would be against it. But if you think that we would destroy all this so that you would come to power, you think that we are political amateurs and naive people", said Mandić.

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13: 33h

Prime Minister Milojko Spajić said that the state will continue to follow the set foreign policy goals, and that he believes that the political representatives of the coalition "For the Future of Montenegro" will not be opponents of the declared goals, because they themselves signed them.

He announced this in response to the question of the president of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Danijel Živković, whether the Government will continue with the clearly oriented foreign policy that the DPS has pursued since 2006. Živković said that this foreign policy is based on the Western value system.

Spajicphoto: Boris Pejović

"In the upcoming decisions of international institutions and organizations, will the Government follow the goals defined so far and clearly give support on behalf of Montenegro, regardless of the fact that such decisions do not have the support of the second largest group in the parliamentary majority, the former Democratic Front", stated Živković. He asked Spajić whether, because of such a foreign policy, he expected the coalition For the Future of Montenegro to raise the issue of a vote of no confidence in the Government.

He asked the prime minister how they think that they are building and strengthening Montenegro's position in the NATO alliance with long-standing opponents of NATO membership, especially in light of the great challenges on that front.

In his reply, Spajić stated that since 2006, when Montenegro became independent, the Russians have been supporting the "threatened", namely the Serbs.

"The three governments did not have the guts to complete the census. We finished it in a month, with the support of the Parliament".

He pointed out that the entire region is crucially important to them and that they have good relations with the countries of the Western Balkans.

He said that they do not want to "poke a finger in anyone's eye" and that they want good relations with both Kosovo and Serbia.

In the written part of the answer, Spajić said that in the previous ten years, Montenegro changed five governments, supported by different parliamentary majorities, and that none of them deviated even a millimeter from foreign policy priorities:

"I can agree with you that the foreign policy priorities were generally successfully set, although I could analyze and comment on the motives of the leaders of political processes from that period, or the way some priorities were presented to the public. However, I believe that it would not be relevant, just as I do not think it is relevant to speculate today about the possible motives of those who, as you say, once opposed certain priorities", said Spajić.

The Prime Minister said that there are no exclusive protectors of any idea or process, but that only through the agreement of the majority of social factors can a sustainable model of protection of the values ​​that this society possesses, or that it strives to achieve, be reached.

"The parliamentary majority led by the Europe Now Movement has clearly defined, through the Agreement on the Formation of the Government, how Montenegro's foreign policy priorities will be treated. Therefore, I believe that the political representatives of the coalition "For the future of Montenegro will not be opponents of the declared goals, because they signed them themselves".

He said that this is why he thinks it is not good when politicians engage in forecasting, especially if it is done "from manipulative or narrow-party intentions".

Answering part of the question about the role of Montenegro within NATO membership, he said that in support of constructiveness, numerous encouraging messages from top NATO officials, first and foremost Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, as well as colleagues in allied countries speak best.

"They clearly confirm that Montenegro is recognized as a credible and reliable member of the Alliance, which contributes to peace and stability through its advocacy and implementation of security policies. When it comes to further plans, rest assured that we will continue to implement all obligations arising from membership".

Spajić said that this is supported by the fact that this year, Montenegro reached two percent of its GDP allocation for defense, which was defined by the agreement of the NATO member states back in 2014.

"For the sake of comparison, in 2020, when your party led the parliamentary majority and the executive power, the allocation for defense was 1.71 percent, while for 2024, it is planned to allocate 2,01 percent of GDP," Spajić said.

He pointed out that Montenegro continues to provide political and practical support to Ukraine in its struggle for the defense of sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence.

"Within the framework of NATO, we have so far allocated significant funds for the comprehensive support package [CAP), in the amount of about 700 thousand. Additionally, as of February 2022, eight tranches of military aid worth over 10 million euros have been implemented. New donations are being prepared," Spajić said.

He said that a special promotion of the efforts for the country to have the best regional cooperation will be the Summit of the leaders of the Western Balkans, which will be held on May 15 and 16 in Kotor.

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13: 12h

Minister of Justice Andrej Milović said that the issue of Katnić is being politicized, and that he refused to be accommodated in the Clinical Center.

"All measures are being taken against him, as against all other prisoners. It is not the first time that someone has gone on hunger strike. He was taken to the Clinical Center several times, but he refused to be accommodated there. He has the right to hunger strike as long as he is conscious. I asked yes. to be accommodated in an apartment in KC, but he signed and refused it. "He got everything that our system is capable of... Whatever happens to him, it happens to him only at his hand," Milović said.

Milovicphoto: Boris Pejović

Mandic said that Katnić "needs his family and Katunska nahija to be alive".

Change: 14:05 p.m
13: 05h

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nik Đeljošaj, after the speech of Filip Adžić, a representative of the Civic Movement URA, about the situation with the workers of Košuta, said that he received the workers and that he had an agreement with them, which they partially complied with, and after 15 days, they submitted complete documentation, which will It should be a priority for the government.

DPS MP Oskar Huter called on the High Court and the Administration for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions to announce the state of health of Milivoj Katnić:

"Whose responsibility will it be if he dies in prison?".

Adzicphoto: Boris Pejović

The President of the Assembly Andrija Mandić called on the Supreme and Special State Prosecutor's Offices to take care of Katnić's health.

"Nobody has the right to bring another man to lose his life," said Mandic.

Change: 14:06 p.m
12: 54h

Member of Parliament for the Europe Now Movement, Jelena Nedović, said that she expects an apology from her colleagues from the Democratic Party of Socialists, and that she does not believe that the words of their MP, "shame on you", can be a "trigger" for attacks on them.

"The fact that Vasilije Čarapić said "shame on you", I don't know what's so terrible. And I say 'shame on you,'" said Nedović.

DPS deputy Nermin Abdić said that maybe it is not an insult for her, but it is for people who hold on to their pride and dignity.

"Here, no one is cursed or insulted for any reason, but you have to accept that there is a human emotion in people when that word is said. In the regions where I come from, this word is also understood as offensive," said Abdić.

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