Delić resigned: He will no longer be Milatović's adviser

Delic has been in that position since mid-February

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Delić, Photo: Goran Delić CDT
Delić, Photo: Goran Delić CDT
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The advisor for public relations of the President of Montenegro, Jakov MIlatović, Goran Delić announced that he is resigning from that position for personal reasons.

Delic has been in that position since mid-February.

He came to the president's cabinet from the Center for Democratic Transition (CDT), where he held the position of communications manager.

Delić, who in addition to the non-governmental sector has many years of experience in the Montenegrin media, became known to the wider public during his five-year engagement in the newsroom of TV Vijesti.

He started his professional journalistic career at RTV Nikšić.

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