Negotiations of former and current PES councilors in the Podgorica parliament: No agreement, continuation next week

We want to believe that our colleagues from PES want an agreement, because we have not seen that from the behavior so far, said Nađa Ljiljanić.

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Nađa Ljiljanić, Photo: Boris Pejović
Nađa Ljiljanić, Photo: Boris Pejović
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Negotiations between the Movement for Podgorica and the Europe Now Movement (PES) will continue next week, as the meeting on Wednesday did not yield results.

This is what the councilor of the Movement for Podgorica told "Vijesti". Nađa Ljiljanić and said that on Wednesday they had a meeting with the head of the PES committee Vasilije Čarapić.

"We initiated the agreement again, because we want to improve the work in the capital and that our initiatives are carried out to the end and are part of the original program that we promised to the citizens," said Ljiljanić.

After the split in PES at the local level in March, five councilors who created the Movement for Podgorica left that party, and agreed on joint action with the Civic Movement (GP) URA and the Movement for Change (PzP). They have 11 councilors (so-called Block 11) and are the largest group in the city parliament. They form a special club of councilors Dragan Radovic, Dragutin Vučinić, Ranka Otašević, Jevrosima Pejović and Nađa Ljiljanić, who left PES and are close to the president Jakov Milatović, former deputy president of PES.

Ljiljanić said that at the meeting they discussed the initiatives of the Movement for Podgorica and their partners from Block 11, which concern a better life for all fellow citizens.

Among these initiatives is the purchase of new buses and the introduction of lines to cover all settlements in Podgorica, free city transport for six months, the construction of nine underground garages, the introduction of free bicycles, for the capital to buy from 500 to 1000 bicycles, the creation of a project for bicycle paths, reduction of fees for communal equipment of land for individual and primary housing...

Earlier, five councilors of the newly formed club asked to be involved in all the administrative bodies of the Capital City, but they were refused by PES. Neither the Movement for Podgorica nor the PES want to say what functions the councilors of the Movement for Podgorica are looking for.

"We want people with high-quality resumes and professionals to get to the top positions in the capital and to put an end to the practice of appointing people based on relatives and godfathers. We want to believe that our colleagues from PES want an agreement, because we have not seen that from our behavior so far," said Ljiljanić.

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