Puljić: Montenegro's amendment on individual guilt will be added to the resolution, the others will not

The journalist said that it seems that the vote on the resolution will not be held on May 16

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
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Croatian journalist and correspondent of Al Jazeera from Washington Ivica Puljić claims that one of the two amendments of the Government of Montenegro to the proposed United Nations (UN) resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica ("International Day of Remembrance and Commemoration of the Genocide in Srebrenica 1995") will be adopted.

At yesterday's UN meeting, he says, the date for voting on the resolution on Srebrenica was not set, although it was expected.

"We are waiting for the Montenegrin first amendment on individual guilt to be officially introduced as an addition to the draft. The second amendment is lost," Puljić wrote on Iks late last night.

He announced today that it looks like the vote on the resolution will not be held on May 16.

"Vijesti" announced earlier this month that the first amendment reads: "... Reiterating that guilt for the crime of genocide is individualized and cannot be attributed to any ethnic, religious or other group or community as a whole."

The second states: "Confirming the inviolability of the general framework agreement for peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina in all its provisions".

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