Knežević: A "new Sinđelić" has appeared, the prosecution would like to introduce him into the game after we are legally acquitted

Knežević says that the procedure in the "Coup d'état" case is being prolonged in order to exert political pressure on the "For the Future of Montenegro" coalition.

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Photo: Željka Vučinić
Photo: Željka Vučinić
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The president of the Democratic People's Party, Milan Knežević, said that the acting prosecutor in the "Coup d'etat" case, Jelena Protić, was delaying the process and that now a new witness appeared with new evidence, whom he called the "new Saša Sinđelić".

At the press conference, where he was with Mihail Čađenović, he said that Protić "is not worthy" of the prosecutor's office, "because she fought with the guests of a bar, who were eventually found guilty".

He pointed out that the closing arguments were scheduled for May 13 and 14, but Protić reported that she was ill, and her deputy, Marija Raspopović, said that she was unable to deliver the closing arguments because she was not familiar with the case.

"Although this is not true because during the Coup d'état proceedings, the criminal complaint filed by the accused Branka Milić during the proceedings was dismissed," said Knežević.

One of the evidentiary proposals submitted by Protić's deputy is, as she said, "the new Saša Sinđelić", whom no one has met.

He pointed out that the "new Sinđelić" is in Spuž and is awaiting extradition detention for attempted serious murders and in order to avoid extradition detention, he told the Prosecutor's Office after eight years that he has new information and truths about the Coup d'etat case.

He pointed out that Protić and the Prosecutor's Office in Spuz are interrogating the "new Sinđelić" in February regarding the new evidence:

"Even though our court proceedings regularly last until May 13 and 14, the Prosecution does not propose that evidence proposal, nor does it consider that this new Sinđelić 2 should be heard. In the meantime, the Court of Appeal accepts his appeal and postpones his extradition to Serbia, of which he is a citizen."

He said that Protić now believes that instead of the closing statement she did not write, the court should hear 'Sinđelić 2'.

"The court rejected that proposal and six other proposals, but it is clear that the Special State Prosecutor's Office is trying to create the elements for an appeal that will go to the Court of Appeal in the event of an acquittal," Knežević said.

He asked the chief special prosecutor Vladimir Novović and VDT Milorad Marković if they were familiar with Jelena Protić's actions and if they agreed with the methods continued by Milivoj Katnić and Saša Čađenović, finding new accomplice witnesses and setting up the coup d'état procedure.

"We will not allow ourselves to be a balance because Milivoje Katnić, Zoran Lazović and Saša Čađenović are in prison," said Knežević.

He said that the procedure is being prolonged in order to exert political pressure on the "For the Future of Montenegro" coalition.

He said that every hearing in the High Court was monitored by an employee of the American Embassy, ​​and that their affiliates were not allowed to attend.

Knežević, answering the question of what kind of evidence was in question, said that he would not disclose the name of that man even though he knew him.

He pointed out that he did not know what kind of new evidence it was, and asked that Novović and Supreme State Prosecutor Milorad Marković announce the new evidence.

"We do not know him".

The bottom line, he said, is that the prosecution, after the actors have been legally acquitted of the coup d'état, will file an appeal by introducing a "new Sinđelić" into the game.

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