DPS: The ruling majority threatens good neighborly relations and the country's European perspective

The DPS assessed that Croatia's protest note was a consequence of the behavior of the ruling coalition

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Photo: DPS
Photo: DPS
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Croatia's note of protest is a consequence of the behavior of the ruling coalition, which allows the leaders of the New Serbian Democracy and the Democratic People's Party, Andrija Mandić and Milan Knežević, to deliberately break good neighborly relations and undermine the country's European path, announced the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

Croatia sent a note of protest to Montenegro, on the occasion of Mandić's announcement that the representatives of the Serbian people in the Assembly will propose a resolution on the genocide in Jasenovac.

The DPS assessed that Croatia's protest note was a consequence of the behavior of the ruling coalition.

"The ruling coalition, due to its small calculations, more precisely guarding the armchairs in which its officials sat, allows Mandić and Knežević to deliberately break the good neighborly relations of Montenegro and to undermine the country's European path," stated the DPS.

From that party, they said that the announcement by Mandić and Knežević that they will launch a resolution on Jasenovac, "in order to somehow explain to the voters why they support a Government that votes against the interests of official Belgrade", and the indifferent attitude of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, "who behaves as if he is with him there is no point of contact," caused Croatia's response today.

"DPS constantly warns that the current ruling majority every day produces incidents that threaten good neighborly relations and the European perspective of Montenegro," says the DPS announcement.

It is said that it is a scandalous fact that the Government received two protest notes from its neighbors in a short period of time.

The DPS said that political trade and the struggle to preserve seats threatens to undermine and compromise Montenegro as a reliable regional partner.

"Precisely the willingness to abuse and politicize the victims shows that those who emphasize this story have no sense of respect for the victims and their families," the statement said.

DPS assessed that the current government must go as soon as possible, into the past, like the previous two.

"It is time for Montenegro to get a stable, responsible and European-oriented government, which will restore stability and continue to lead the country through European integration," said the party.

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