Mikijelj for "Vijesti": There is no cooperation with DPS and the phantom list

I can promise that in the same way that I took the responsibility to return the ferry to the citizens and the state, I will take an uncompromising approach to solving the problem of urban chaos in Budva, said Mikijelj in an interview with "Vijesti".

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Mikijelj, Photo: Boris Pejović
Mikijelj, Photo: Boris Pejović
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"There is no cooperation with the DPS, their satellites and the phantom list associated with them," Mladen Mikijelj, the holder of the "For the future of Budva - Budva open city" list, said in an interview for "Vijesti", answering the question whether the coalition he leads after elections on May 26 to talk with DPS, and whether they are ready for a post-election coalition with the list "Budva naš grad" led by Nikola Jovanović.

Mikijelje's broad coalition in the extraordinary elections consists of New Serbian Democracy (NSD), Democratic People's Party (DNP), Movement for Changes (PzP), Socialist People's Party (SNP), United Montenegro, True Montenegro, Free Montenegro, DEMOS and Radnička party.

He is convinced that the election result "For the future of Budva - Budva open city" will be such that they will decide who they want to cooperate with after the election.

"So that we could work harmoniously and in unity to create stability in the everyday life of citizens, because this is the only way for the progress of each of us who love Budva." This is our plan for the future of Budva. Our list is open for discussions with all political groups that share our principles: Unity, stability and progress for the successful future of Budva, but for me more importantly, the willingness to take responsibility for the citizens.

DPS is by no means an option for cooperation because of their ugly past, which citizens cannot forgive. They are still running a retrograde policy, under the influence of Milo Đukanović with nationalist rhetoric of producing division and protecting tycoons, and my team and I feel that every day. Even today, we suffer brutal and terrible attacks because of the ferry, because of the beaches in Herceg Novi, because of the Port of Budva...".

He leads the coalition "For the future of Budva - Budva open city". What is it that you offer citizens as a vision of a better Budva?

Budva is an open city and we will continue to build it as such - as a city that is not limited by the petty interests of individuals, but is open to all who love Budva and who see it as their home.

A city where we take responsibility and connect citizens, and not divide people for the sake of staying in power as long as possible. We bring unity, stability and progress to the lives of all of us, instead of those who only want power, creating uncertainty and breaking the unity of all of us who love Budva.

Budva is facing a big problem of urban chaos, which is becoming more pronounced year after year, while the authorities have changed. Do you see the possibility of renovating the space?

You are absolutely right. Unfortunately, we still have not been able to solve the chaos that has been created for almost three decades. In order to solve it, we need cooperation with the competent ministry, which will be led by a minister from our ranks from June. Therefore, I can rightfully say that we are the best option for solving this problem that has been burdening us for generations. You know, when you have 100 euros in your wallet and spend half of it, you have 50 euros left. But when you increase those 50 euros by half, you don't have 100 again, but only 75 euros. It is the same with urbanism, infrastructure, cleanliness and almost every problem in Budva.

Urban chaos is the result of decades of carelessness and corruption that managed to divide people. When you alienate yourself from people and when you start thinking only about how you can make the best use of your position for yourself, then this kind of chaos arises. It is difficult to correct it, but to be honest, we did not have enough courage and determination to change it from the roots.

I can promise that in the same way that I took the responsibility to return the ferry to the citizens and the state, I will take an uncompromising approach to solving the problem of urban chaos in Budva. Unlike them, we are interested in people. Solving the problem is a prerequisite for any progress of Budva towards the status of a tourist metropolis of the entire Adriatic.

One example of what we will do is the construction of public garages, since traffic is part of the overall chaos in Budva that we inherited from the former government. Further planning of the city's development must prevent the concretization of Budva and focus on green areas and environmentally friendly infrastructure. What I can also promise is that decisions about Budva will no longer be made without the citizens of Budva. Here I mean all citizens, not only the privileged and those close to the former regime. Through various mechanisms, we will enable the citizens of Budva to participate in decision-making on key matters related to the city, including urban planning. We will strengthen local communities and non-governmental organizations in order to ensure the highest level of citizen involvement in the processes of greatest interest to them.

One of the problems is communal order, from noise to uncontrolled occupation of public areas. Do you see a solution?

That's right and it's not the worst. Even worse is that when citizens call to report any utility problem, no one answers them, not even on the phone. Believe me, the first thing I will do is to reorganize the utility service and inspection. First of all, they will be separated into two services as defined by the law, which is not the case now, for reasons unknown to me. We will introduce a 48-hour system. This means that the inspection in Budva will work 24 hours, that every problem will be solved within 48 hours, and those that cannot be solved within that time, the inspection will have the obligation to inform the applicant and the citizens of Budva about the date by which that problem be solved.

Reported problems and their status will be published on a separate website so that all citizens can have insight into the work of communal services. There will be no more "I know him or he is ours, so we will turn a blind eye to the problem". In open Budva, there will be no privileged or neglected. The existence of communal order is necessary for Budva to progress.

The workers are hardworking, but their bosses don't know or won't do their jobs

The municipality of Budva with its enterprises has the largest apparatus, more than two thousand employees. How do you see solving this problem and creating an efficient and functional administration?

We take responsibility for creating an efficient and responsible administration that is a service to citizens, not a burden.

It is true that it seems that there are too many employees in the municipality and companies, but my experience is completely different. I know that the vast majority of them are hardworking and responsible towards their work and towards the citizens of Budva, but some of their bosses do not know or will not do their job. Everywhere I worked I faced this problem and I solved it very quickly and efficiently. The municipality and its companies need a lot of employees because we have already talked about the problems we are facing. Concrete has prevailed, urban chaos, traffic chaos, parking, communal disorder, huge social problems... all this cannot be solved by one person, but many people can and will do many good things.

We are not fighting for power, but to solve problems

A large part of the municipal property has been usurped, some attractive properties have been sold for nothing? What is your plan for the Municipality to become a real host and recover what was lost?

With your question, you have recognized another great challenge that lies ahead of us. Citizens have been fighting for justice for a long time. Budva thereby brings justice by uniting around the interests of the citizens, by creating stability in the city and thus bringing progress. We can do that only if we behave like a household, only if we respect every cent in the budget, if we take care of everything owned by the citizens of Budva. In these elections, we are not fighting to become the government, unlike DPS and their other, cooperating phantom list. In these elections, we are asking the citizens of Budva to trust us to take responsibility and solve problems. It is our contribution to building a better future for all citizens, but also the desire to repay Budva for everything it gives us.

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