Senators after the meeting with Milatović: Montenegro is an important member of NATO, the USA is grateful for its support to Ukraine

"The US supports the implementation of reforms in Montenegro that are necessary for EU membership," wrote Ben Cardin, chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

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The President of Montenegro, Jakov Milatović, is visiting the United States of America, where he spoke with numerous members of Congress who, after the meeting, emphasized the important role of Montenegro as a member of NATO.

On Wednesday, Milatovic met with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: Chairman Ben Cardin, the committee's leading Republican member Jim Rish, Sen. Jean Shahin, and Sens. Pete Ricketts and Chris Murphy. He also spoke with Senators Roger Wicker and Peter Welch.

The chairman of the committee, Democratic Senator Ben Cardin, announced on IX that he had a "productive conversation with Milatović".

"We are grateful to Montenegro for its vital role as a member of NATO and its support for Ukraine. The US supports the implementation of reforms in Montenegro that are necessary for EU membership," Kardin wrote.

Republican Senator Jim Risch stated in a statement that "Montenegro plays an important role as a NATO member in strengthening collective defense, while Russia and China pose a serious threat to transatlantic security."

"Montenegro has always played an important role in the future of the Western Balkans and I am glad that I could talk with President Milatović about how our two countries can work together and advance common interests in the region. I hope that Montenegro will continue to integrates into the transatlantic community and contributes to joint regional efforts, progress towards the EU and allocation of two percent of GDP to defense," said Senator Riš.

Senator Šahin, chairwoman of the Senate Subcommittee on Europe, said after the conversation that Montenegro is an important ally.

"The US is grateful for its impressive contribution to NATO as well as its continued support for Ukraine. I look forward to supporting its efforts towards EU accession," Shahin told IX.

In the announcement of Milatović's visit, published by his cabinet, it is also stated that during his visit to America, the President of Montenegro will hold a lecture at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, and that he will be a guest at a special session of the Atlantic Council.

The Montenegrin president, as the youngest head of a NATO member, opened the NATO youth summit in Florida on Monday.

"Strengthening the credibility of NATO membership is one of the key priorities of Montenegro and is at the very top of my agenda. Montenegro's membership in NATO contributed to the strengthening of our geopolitical position, but also to the improvement of democratization, the rule of law and the building of independent institutions," his cabinet said in a statement.

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