A protest was held in front of the Government: the crowd chanted Ratko Mladić

The gathering is also attended by clergymen, including United Montenegro (UCG) MP Vladimir Dobričanin and Berane Municipality Vice President Mladen Premović, Prava Montenegro President Marko Milačić, former Minister of Education Vesna Bratić, Zdravko Kasalica.

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Photo: Boris Pejović
Photo: Boris Pejović
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Ažurirano: 23.05.2024. 18:32h

A protest was held in front of the Government building in order to express dissatisfaction with the announcement of the executive power that Montenegro will support the Resolution on the Srebrenica genocide in the United Nations (UN).

Those gathered in front of the Government are chanting Ratko Mladic, "treason" and "Russia".

Citizens, like yesterday, gathered at the corner of Karađorđeva Street and Stanko Dragojevića Boulevard.

Those gathered carry the flags of Serbia and the Kingdom of Montenegro, and the flags of Russia.

The meeting is also attended by clergymen, but the representative of the United Montenegro (UCG) Vladimir Dobričanin and the vice-president of the municipality of Berane Mladen Premović, the president of Prava Montenegro Marko Milačić, the former minister of education Vesna Bratić, Zdravko Kasalica...

Mirjačić: I regret all the victims, but I do not accept that only Serbs are genocidal

One of the organizers, Milutin Mirjačić, said that the voted resolution was shameful.

"My words were misused. I said that I want us to follow the path of Amfilochius, not to build barricades. We can build barricades when there are 100.000 of us," he said.

Mirjačič called this issue "a matter of national interest", but called for no blockades.

"Carry in your heart Saint Basil and Metropolitan Amfilochius, whom I consider to have been a saint during his lifetime. Carry them in your heart and we will win," he said.

Mirjačićphoto: Boris Pejović

He said that he regrets not only the Serbian victims, but also the Muslim ones, but that he cannot accept that only the Serbs are genocidal.

"Before the war, all nations lived in peace," he pointed out.

Mirjačić said that Serbs and Muslims can reconcile together at the table, and not America, England and Germany.

He recalled the deaths of Pavle Bulatović, Duško Jovanović and Slavoljub Šćekić, but also that the police did not take to the streets after Šćekić's murder.

Mirjačić said that "Portal Analitika is threatening him with murder".

Klakor: Grand confirmed that members of the BiH Army were killed in Srebrenica

Savo Klakor told the crowd that Gideon Grand confirmed that 2000 members of the BiH Army were killed in Srebrenica.

According to him, a crime was committed, but not genocide, and that many Bosniaks from that region were members of Naser Orić's military formations.

"The Serbian people are the only victims of genocide - through two world wars and civil wars on the territory of Yugoslavia," said Klakor.

He said that the Germans should continue to be under patronage, as proposed by Roosevelt.

"Supporting a shameful decision by the government represents political suicide. There is no going back. Long live Montenegro, long live Serbia, long live RS," Klakor concluded his presentation.

Neđo Peković said that everyone is here so that "their children would not bear the stamp of a genocidal nation".

Pekovićphoto: Boris Pejović

"Give back the mandates - we didn't vote for this," Pekovic said.

One of the demonstrators, Manojla Krsmanović, said that he is here today to show his resistance to the decision made by the Government of Montenegro, because he believes that it is directly directed against Serbia, Republika Srpska and the Serbian people, with the aim of declaring the RS a genocidal creation and canceling its existence, which is guaranteed by the Dayton Agreement.

He said that, given the importance of the event, in his opinion, more people should have come to show their disagreement with the Government's decision and the potential vote for the Resolution.

The first meeting for this vote was held yesterday, and it was announced that the vote will be followed today in front of the Government.

Manojle Krsmanović
photo: Aljoša Turović

The organizers of the meeting are: Serbian cultural center "Patriarch Varnava", Serbian cultural club "Sveti Sava", Serbian society Sveti Sava from Bijelo Polje, Association of admirers of the participants of the liberation wars 1912-1918, NGO "Herceg" - Pljevlja, NGO "Srpska nit", NGO "Božuri", NGO "Stupovi", NGO "Miholjski zbor", NGO "Serdar" and Noćni vukovi.

They said that "by submitting the proposal for a resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica, this Government headed by Milojko Spajić showed in the most rude way that it does not respect the victims of the Serbian people and that it nullifies all the values ​​of our three-decade struggle".

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