BLOG The UN Assembly adopted the Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica, Montenegro voted "for"

The vote was followed by an explanation of "voting after voting", and Vučić wrapped himself in the flag of Serbia

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The Greek ambassador to the UN assessed that the resolution on Srebrenica "can be misinterpreted and undermine efforts" aimed at regional cooperation for a unified European future.

The representative of Hungary said that the resolution does not contribute to stability and that Hungary will watch closely to prevent escalation in the Balkans.

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The representative of Montenegro at the UN, Damir Šabanović, said that Montenegro has also considered the political implications of the resolution and pays great attention to good relations.

He said that Montenegro submitted the amendments to prevent abuse and misinterpretation.

"Montenegro has shown a compassionate approach to the victims and this sensitive topic by actively helping peace and reconciliation and developing friendly relations and cooperation between peoples".

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The representative of Russia said that the result was not achieved with the number of votes that the "sponsors had hoped for", and even the Netherlands joined them.

"This is another confirmation of the consistent lies of the BiH elite and their allies...".

As he added, all appeals filed by UN members to return the resolution to the national level were rejected.

"All this is cynical and hypocritical... The main sponsor of this resolution is Germany, which in the 20th century was responsible for two world wars, killed millions of people in concentration camps and was the most active in the war in the former Yugoslavia."

He said he would not forget it.

"No one and nothing will be forgotten".

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The vote was followed by an explanation of "voting after voting", and Vučić wrapped himself in the flag of Serbia.

Aleksandar Vučić
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The representative of Indonesia said that everyone is obliged to apply the lessons from Srebrenica to this day as well, recalling the events in Gaza.

"Inactivity is not an option. The tragedy of Srebrenica will forever haunt the history of the UN," he said, explaining why they supported the resolution.

The representative of Iran said that their vote in favor shows their sympathy with the victims of Srebrenica.

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The resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica was adopted.

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84 voted in favor, 19 against, while 68 UN members abstained.

As specified by the Voice of America at the United Nations, the adoption of the draft resolution requires a simple majority of the members of the General Assembly, of which there are 193 in total.

Montenegro voted for the adoption of the resolution.

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Angola will also refrain, its representative announced.

"We believe that reconciliation in the Balkans is still fragile... We would prefer to have a resolution that deals with positive developments, mutual trust and talks about lessons to be learned, as well as promoting stability".

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The representative of the United Arab Emirates said that there was indeed genocide in Srebrenica and this is a fact recognized by the highest international courts.

He said that his country is consistently with the "brothers in Bosnia and Herzegovina".

"We support the content of this resolution... We strongly condemn any attempt to deny or minimize the genocide in Srebrenica," he said.

He announced that this country will be restrained in order to calm tensions in the region and that the resolution was presented at the wrong time and with great politicization.

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The representative of Egypt said that his country was not satisfied because some countries used the resolution as an excuse for some political rhetoric.

"Solutions cannot be imposed from outside through partisan resolutions," he said, adding that Egypt would vote for the resolution.

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Nicaragua, according to its representative, has always condemned crimes, but it is incredible how there are double standards and manipulations by Western countries, the promotion and introduction of some initiatives, such as this resolution, which does not enjoy consensus in Bosnia and Herzegovina and does not support reconciliation.

She announced that she would not vote for the resolution.

"Given the double standards of the West, I have a question: Will they support and sponsor a resolution on genocide committed by colonial forces in America?"

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The representative of Venezuela said that the victims of Srebrenica deserve to be commemorated on the basis of consensus.

"Venezuela advocates reconciliation and peace in the Balkan region. We appeal to continue the work that began in Dayton, applying the agreement that was the result of the political consensus of all parties," he said and added that they respect the invitation to consider all ideas when making a decision for this proposal. resolutions.

16: 58h

The representative of Cuba said that they reject the text that is adopted without consensus and oppose the politicization that leads to new divisions.

"We support constructive dialogue... We are not in favor of initiatives that lead to escalation of tensions and ethnic divisions," he said.

16: 52h

Azerbaijan will not vote on the resolution.

The representative of that country said that they are strongly against meddling in the internal affairs of all countries and the actions of the UN should enjoy the widest possible support and consensus.

16: 49h

The representative of Namibia said that his country will refrain, because they want to discuss the genocide comprehensively.

16: 45h

The representative of China announced that he would vote against the resolution.

He said that what happened to Yugoslavia is the dark side of history.

"China points out that the proposal for a resolution has dispersed numerous controversies in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the region... China calls for full communication with all the countries of the region... A hasty vote is not in accordance with the spirit of reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the region, it is not in accordance with the desire to maintain peace and stability on Blakan".

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Vučić asked why they adopted the amendments.

»You wanted to cover up the real truth that the resolution is against a nation. We had judgments and punishments, why are you opening old wounds now for political reasons? This is not about reconciliation, memories, this is something that will open old wounds and create complete political chaos in the region but also in this Hall.

He said that he has a gift for the chairman, but since he is not allowed to spread the flag of Serbia, he will bring it to him.

His speech was accompanied by applause from part of the audience.

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He asked why this resolution was being passed now.

"I hope that according to the 2015 resolution, all genocides will be condemned, including the genocide committed against the Serbian people. We paid the highest price in the Second World War..." Vučić said.

He asked why the resolution does not include the phrase "we mourn all victims equally" as the representative of Germany said in her opening statement.

"Because they don't think so... I ask the big and powerful, and the arrogant, why did you need to put so much pressure on a small country like Serbia, why did you threaten countries that did not want to support the resolution? Are these European values?" Vučić asked.

He warned that this is "Pandora's box" and that the UN will face numerous resolutions on genocide.

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said at the UN that he bowed to the victims and laid a flower in Srebenica for all the Bosnian victims.

He called on all members of the UN to vote against the resolution because he believes it is highly politicized.

"Why is this resolution being passed?" he asked.

He added that when it comes to individual responsibility, it was established through indictments and verdicts.

"»There are no individual names... why so general if we passed the resolution on genocide worldwide in 2015? Does this resolution bring any reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina? No. In the region? No, generally not".

He asked Germany why they "hid all the preparations for this resolution".

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16: 29h

Vanuatu, Antigua and Barbuda and Malawi withdrew their co-sponsorship of the resolution on Srebrenica.

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The special representative of Germany, Antje Leendertse, presented the draft resolution.

"The perpetrators of this act of genocide led to the tragic death of the victims and the suffering of their families," she said.

She said that the genocide was recognized as such by international courts and the resolution provided for the marking of July 11 as the international day of remembrance of the genocide in Srebrenica.

"The resolution is not directed against anyone, not against Serbia, a respected member of the UN, but against the perpetrators of genocide. That's why I call on everyone to support it," she said.

She reminded that Montenegro requested through the amendments to underline that the guilt is individual and that it cannot be attributed to any religious or ethnic group.

"We are sure that this will help to avoid misinterpretation and we welcome the contribution of Montenegro".

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The debate on the Proposal for a resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica began before the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

The resolution, which proposes that July 11 be declared the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Srebrenica Genocide and condemns the denial of genocide and the glorification of war criminals, was proposed by Germany and Rwanda.

The session of the UN Assembly began with a minute's silence on the occasion of the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

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