Danilović: Our rulers disgraced themselves by voting in the UN, someone will have to answer for this humiliation

Danilović pointed out that such resolutions render the concept of genocide and genocidalness meaningless

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Danilović, Photo: Boris Pejović
Danilović, Photo: Boris Pejović
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Our rulers were upset by this vote in the United Nations (UN). They slapped us all too. We will make a big mistake if we turn the other cheek to them. Someone will have to answer for this humiliating and humiliating. The truth can be seen better from South America and Africa than from Podgorica, announced the President of the United Montenegro, Goran Danilović.

"However, the resolution is a weak political declaration that was not supported by the majority of countries in the world. This fact is sobering and a warning. We were obliged to defend the truth without denying a single crime, especially not the one that happened in Srebrenica, and the truth is that in A great war crime happened in Srebrenica, but not genocide," said Danilović.

He pointed out that such resolutions make the concept of genocide and genocidity meaningless.

"Truth is both sacred and expensive. Statesmen who are not interested in the opinion of the people do not last long, and if they do last, they are not remembered," Danilović added.

"Serbia has steadfastly endured this, and most of the world's countries are silent on its side. The world is changing, no matter how great the pressure of powerful countries is. It will be difficult for Republika Srpska because it is a key target. However, Srpska is not alone," he concluded.

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