Nimanbegu the new leader of Ulcinj?

Although the head of the SO Ulcinj Mavrić was originally the most serious candidate for the post of mayor, now it is the leader of the Force

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Extraordinary session of the Ulcinj Municipal Assembly, on the agenda of which will be the dismissal of the current president of that municipality Omer Bajraktari (Civil Movement URA), will be held on Wednesday, May 29. This was confirmed by the President of the Ulcinj Parliament to "Vijesti". Ardijan Mavrić (Force).

He states that he scheduled the session at the request of the new ruling majority in Ulcinj, which on May 20 initiated the dismissal of Bajraktari.

According to the unofficial information of "Vijesti", at the same session, the leader of the Force should be elected as the new president of the Municipality of Ulcinj. Genzi Nimanbeg, although Mavrić was originally the most serious candidate for the position.

The new majority, consisting of Forca, the Democratic Party (DP), the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), the Democratic Alliance in Montenegro (DSCG), the Social Democrats (SD), the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Bosniak Party (BS), initiated the procedure for the dismissal of Bajraktari because, among other things, he did not ensure the implementation of the strategic plan of the Municipality of Ulcinj, did not implement the Program for erecting memorials in the Municipality of Ulcinj for the year 2023, and did not adopt the Program for temporary facilities after the end of the 2019-2023 Program.

"The fact that the illegal dismissal of the Secretary for Investments and the Secretary for the Economy and Economic Development disrupted the infrastructural preparation of the city for the season and the issuance of work permits to businessmen before the season indicates that the procedure to replace the president who has lost legitimacy is of an urgent nature," they announced at the time from the new of the majority.

"Vijesti" has learned that Mavrić will resign after the session, and that he will probably be replaced as the president of the municipal parliament by a member of the DPS Ivana Popović.

The expected appointments will be a consequence of the recent re-composition of forces in the local parliament, where a convincing majority was won by the newly established coalition of DP, Force, DPS, SD, DSCG, SDP and BS. The new majority in the Ulcinj parliament will have 21 out of 33 council seats. In the opposition benches, apart from the Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA) and the Democrats, who were not part of the government even in the previous two years, their colleagues from the Civil Movement (GP), URA and Albanian Alternative (AA), who were part of it until now, also ended up in the opposition benches. but the former ruling coalition with DP, SD, SDP and FORC.

As "Vijesti" announced, the former ruling majority in Ulcinj, formed after the 2022 elections, existed only on paper weeks ago, because the GP URA and AA concluded an agreement with the opposition DUA on the entry of that party into power at the local level, while some of parties, the authorities also conducted negotiations with DPS on the formation of a different majority.

Secret negotiations and behind-the-scenes actions began about a month before the announced rotation in the positions of the President of the Municipality and the Assembly, which were covered by Bajraktari and Mavrić. According to the coalition agreement, at the beginning of June, GP URA was supposed to hand over the leadership position in the southernmost municipality to Forca for two years, until regular elections, and take over from her the position of head of the local parliament.

If GP URA had succeeded in its attempt to establish a new majority, there was a possibility that that party would retain its leading position in the Municipality even after June.

In the new majority of DPs Fatmira Đeka he mostly kept the positions he had in the previous government, as well as Forca, which will only get the position of chief city architect instead of the vice-president of the municipality.

In addition to the Assembly and the Secretariat for Budget and Finance, the DPS will also have a Secretary for Sports and Youth, a Secretary for Agriculture, Rural Development and Ecology, and a Deputy Director in the Waterworks.

According to the knowledge of "Vijesti", in addition to the previous functions in the government, SD will also receive the position of director of the Parking service.

The Democratic Alliance will hold the leading positions in the Public Enterprise for Urbanism, Design and Supervision and the Enterprise for Breeding and Protection of Game.

The SDP will retain its existing positions and will receive a leading position in the Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities and Assistant Secretary for Sports and Youth.

It is not yet known what will belong to BS in the new distribution of functions.

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