Mandić: We will return the tricolor and the Serbian language, citizenship will be granted to all those who are established in Montenegro

Mandić pointed out that a clear message was sent to the proponents of the Resolution

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Mandić, Photo: Boris Pejović
Mandić, Photo: Boris Pejović
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By participating in the discussion in the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), Montenegro further compromised itself, while even far away Nicaragua taught the proponents of the resolution a lesson, announced the President of the Assembly and the leader of the New Serbian Democracy (NSD), Andrija Mandić.

"Unfortunately, despite numerous appeals to the Government of Montenegro, both from us as political representatives and from the highest religious authorities of the Serbian Orthodox Church, it supported the Resolution of Germany and Rwanda on Srebrenica in the UN, which divided the world, and only a few of the 193 UN member states voted more than 40 percent of the states," said Mandić in a statement provided by NSD.

He pointed out that a clear message was sent to the proponents of the Resolution.

"You counted the votes in the hall, but you turned the majority of the world's peoples who cast those votes against you. You say you won, but you were defeated by the majority and peace-loving part of humanity. You didn't count more votes, but you legitimized yourself as a minority." , said Mandic.

He added that even in the hall itself, where not all countries were present, the resolution, as he says, did not receive a majority, because 87 countries did not support it, "and what it certainly did was that it sharply divided the region and Montenegro's relations with Serbia and Republika Srpska, which is closest to us, brought to the lowest possible level".

Mandic said that this resolution further united the Serbian people, regardless of the countries they live in, and showed that the Serbian people have the strength to fight future challenges that humanity will surely face.

"With raised foreheads, we continue the fight for Serbian rights, for our equality with other peoples and overall stability both in Montenegro and in the region. Serbs will never again be marginalized in this country and no one will ever again threaten to drive us out with tractors to Serbia. The Serbian language will never be humiliated again, but, after the publication of the results of the census, it will take its rightful place. Citizenship will be acquired by all those who are based in Montenegro by birth or family ties, as well as those who have been living in this country for years, and so far they have not received the same, so they will no longer be second-class citizens. The historic tricolor will be returned to its rightful place by law. The Serbian Orthodox Church and its believers will never again have to fear that someone will to rob the holy places, but in peace they will be able to raise their prayer to God for peace, health and salvation of all", he concluded.

At the plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly yesterday, the Resolution on the International Day of Reflection and Remembrance of the Genocide in Srebrenica was adopted.

Representatives of 84 countries voted for that Resolution, 19 were against, and 68 abstained. Montenegro also voted "for".

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